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Best buy Android smartphones below Rs.15000 for June 2014

Best buy smartphones under 15000 for June 2014

All of these devices are exceptional in their own way but you might not be interested in many of those due to the price tag they carry around with them. So to be simple and precise let us have a look at the best offerings in the smartphone segment under the Rs.15,000/- price.

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Nokia X vs Sony Xperia M

Nokia is truly going to capture the market across the globe with the Nokia X. According to related news, Nokia X scores a whooping one million pre-orders in China. There is excitement and even tension mounting up within every potential buyer. Many Android users truly love what Sony has done with their devices. The Sony Xperia M is one mid-priced device that is loved by many.

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Nokia X listed online at Rs.8500 with 15 March availability

There have been numerous rumors about Nokia first Android device called the X. Just to start with the good news, the Nokia X has been now listed on an online retailer in India with a price of Rs.8,500/-. Added to the device and the time-frame is the claim that the Nokia X will be available from 15th March 2014.

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