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5 Best Apps for Android to Share Large Files Instantly

The smartphone is perhaps a living proof of the most significant advancement in technology. It functions not just as a telephone, but also as a camera, a radio, and a music player, a gaming platform, a complete storage device, and so much more. The smartphone can be used to share the files stored in it as well.

However, what do you do when files are relatively more extensive, and sending them over email is not feasible? Well, to spare your blushes, here are the 5 best Android applications for instantly sharing large files.

Files by Google

One of the best and foremost Android applications for ensuring files transfer, Files by Google, is a lightweight (10 MB) behemoth of an app. The app offers an exciting assortment of options such as browsing files, media consumption, storage space clean-up, and offline file transfer. 

As long as both the interconnected devices have the app installed, files can be shared without the internet, i.e., offline. Data security and data privacy, which is a significant issue with this kind, is hardly a cause for concern with this one. File sharing is secured using WPA2 encryption. 

Files by Google is one of the best, for the sheer value that it delivers. As a file manager, it is an intelligent application, capable of detecting duplicate files, junk files, large files, low-resolution videos, memes, and unused apps. What is more, the app is free from advertisements’ shackles while also being free to use.


One of the most convenient WiFi file transfer apps, SHAREit, helps bounce photos, videos, applications, etc., between interconnected devices, at more than 200 times the speed of a Bluetooth connection. The application has a robust media player as well. Similar to Dropbox, this app can also be used across platforms. 

Since this app is free, it has the feature of hosting advertisements, which could get irritating. India has recently banned this app, citing security issues. It is operated under the aegis of a Chinese enterprise, even though other nations are yet to question its security measures.


This application uses WiFi direct technology (or any WiFi connection for that matter) to help share files and folders in a matter of moments. This implies that even if the sender and receiver devices are not linked to the same WiFi connection, it can share files by using WiFi direct.

You can forget memorizing passwords or frantically searching for the device to be paired with. Appliances can be effortlessly paired using QR codes, Near Field Communication (or manual sharing key (for the paid version called PRO)).

As long as there is enough space in the receiving device, you are good to go and can send limitless files of any size and type. Moreover, if you are dissatisfied with the paid version and want a refund, you can still be eligible, even after the refund window’s closure. This goodwill feature is the USP of the product and should find favors within the community.


EasyJoin is a fabulous choice for cross-device file sharing. Apart from bouncing files promptly, precisely, and limitlessly from one device to multiple, it also allows users to manage and initiate phone calls and read and send SMS / MMS from the personal computer.

It usually uses the local network to connect to devices, unless it is connecting over online. It is an ad-free software that claims that all file transfers, voice calls, messages, and notifications shared via it are protected by end-to-end encryption, thereby preserving the user’s privacy and security.


This cloud-based file hosting service offering cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization, and client software uses a freemium business model. Their most basic plan—Dropbox Basic—offers 2 GB of free space to be expanded using referrals. 

One can earn an additional 500 MB for every referral, up to a maximum of 16 GB of space, which is a perfect amount of free space to satiate all your file sharing requirements. Dropbox is not just available on iOS and Android, but also for Mac and Windows. 

You can also access your files using any web browser without any software installation being necessary. Experience the ease of file transfer by creating a shared link for your files or folders.

The link can be copied into an email, text, or chat, or shared directly from Dropbox. The recipients will not be required to have a Dropbox account to view or download the file.

Files can be transferred across platforms, like Android, to iOS and vice versa. Files of any size could be uploaded using the desktop or mobile apps, though files sized beyond 50 GB cannot be uploaded to The Basic plan entitles you to 20 GB worth of download bandwidth and 100,000 downloads per day.

The Way Forward

Google has acknowledged the Android community’s clamoring for a quicker means of file sharing from one device to another. Therefore, many years of development have now allowed the launch of the Nearby Share. It is envisaged to be THE platform to empower dependable and easy sharing across the devices of millions of Android users.

Through this feature, it would be possible to share content both online and offline, using “Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC or peer-to-peer WiFi,” whichever is best suited.

With robust privacy measures in place, a user can rest assured that personal details will remain un-compromised and unsullied. Some more sharing apps from TechiePlus may help with finding the best solution for you. 

This feature will make it redundant to scavenge for file-sharing applications for the android platform. Yet, until the rollout is complete across all Android devices, you could indeed look at any of the 5 best apps for Android to ensure the sharing of large files.

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