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A Freshers Guide to Find the Best Android Development Jobs

The job role of an Android Developer has developed a lot with the increment in use of technology. With constant growth in this sector the job role of Android Developers has become much more essential, inspiring and fulfilling for the companies to achieve better goals.

With the increase in the use of Android phone applications in our day today life the need for the professionals have improved many folds.

So, with time it won’t be wrong to say that this will be one of the leading job roles in the market. Well, if you too are willing to make career in Android development then you must make sure to get knowledge on how you may fit in the best of the Android jobs, what sub fields does this one category includes and what type of interview questions you may be asked for the Android Developer Jobs.

Job Role of an Android Developer:

Before one decides to make take a progressive step towards the career it is important to understand what exactly is expected out of an Android Developer. Here are a few responsibilities that one has to deliver in this job role.

  • The professional Android Developers have to take a change of developing innovative mobile applications for the company.
  • They have to work efficiently towards the satisfaction of the customer by designing the effective software which is useful for the customer and can be of value for the company.
  • They have to work along with the creative team to provide ideas for the graphics and functionality of applications.
  • The other part after development is to manage and enhance the user applications to improve memory footmark for better usage.
  • They strategize the framework for development to produce the expected outcomes with required resources.
  • These professionals work on trouble shooting and debugging the code for better accessibility of the applications.
  • They work majorly on Java platform therefore there are lot of java job openings in this domain.

Educational Qualification One Needs to Become Android Developer:

To make a career as Android Developer a candidate is expected to have a technical background for this one is expected to take a degree in engineering and some are hired after the diploma courses. These courses will help the candidate for the base of a computer qualification and will expose for the software development skill which is required for this job role.

So, a candidate may take-up a course in Bachelors of Technology or diploma in Android development. Which will help him or her in showing their basic work capability for job role fitment to the recruiter.

Programming Languages one Must know for Android development Jobs: 

  • JAVA
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Cross Platform Development Tools
  • Objective C
  • C++
  • Secure Web Development
  • User interface Design
  • Data Base Management system 

Interview Questions Expected

  • Explain Android SDK.
  • What do you know about Android architecture?
  • What all should one focus on to make sure new development hits the goal with zero or less errors?
  • What is the need of java development in Android?
  • Why do companies use Google’s development automation tools? Name a few effective ones that are available in the market.
  • Which tool would you use for Android debugging and why?
  • How will you work on troubleshooting for the app that has a problem of crashing constantly?
  • Explain ADB.
  • Why do we use .apk extension for Android?
  • How will you explain activity cycle?
  • What is Scrum?

So, if you are the one looking for the Android development jobs then follow the requirements stated in the article and prepare these most asked interview questions and your chances will increase to find the suitable Android development job for yourself.

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