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8 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters

There is a requirement to evolve the digital marketing plan with the advancement in technology. The dramatic increase in the usage of smartphones has been observed by everybody if we look a few years back. The smartphone experience needs to be enhanced and for that a digital marketing plan is necessary.

Your online campaign can be improved and you can be digitally successful in your business if you make investment in mobile marketing.

Now we are going to share with you 8 mobile marketing statistics that prove mobile matters.

1. Smartphones are responsible for generating 52.2 % of the total website traffic – Today a lot of websites are visited by the people using smartphones and so smartphones play an important part for getting traffic. Therefore, for capturing more leads you have to make your website mobile friendly.

2.The use of mobile-friendly sites for making a purchase is preferred by 61 % consumers – Customers are interested in buying the items quickly and this information is recognized by some big companies. For making the customers quickly and efficiently completing the checkout process mobile-friendly sites are created by these companies.

3.Google has been searched by 96 % smartphone users – Most of the users use Google for searching with the help of their smartphones. If you want your business to be searched by many smartphone users then you need to do SEO of your website for search engines.

4.Smartphone is used for getting 52 % PPC clicks – A lot of people are using smartphones for making PPC clicks that are more than 50 %. By giving positive experience to the leads you can easily capture those leads. The mobile optimized landing pages are necessary for it.

5.A tablet or smartphone is used for reading 66 % emails – Smartphones are used for opening the emails by a lot of users. So, your campaign can be good if you use smartphone optimized email.

6.Smartphones are used for giving more than 50 % views on YouTube – For engaging the audience for your business you can take the help of a platform known as YouTube. So, for producing content it becomes necessary to make investments in mobile marketing.

7.For using Facebook around 18 % of the people use smartphones – Smartphones are used for accessing Facebook by millions of users. If you want people using smartphones to easily see your posts then your posts need optimization. If the posts are sweet and short then it will be very good.

8.Normally 40 minutes are spent on a smartphone – In a single day the smartphone is used frequently for engaging the audience and so mobile marketing becomes important for you. Your business can grow if a website that is mobile-friendly is used by you.

8 Mobile Marketing Statistics That Prove Mobile Matters

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