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How to Fix the Error 96 Encoding Problem on Android? - AndroGuru

How to Fix the Error 96 Encoding Problem on Android?

Are you facing the Error 96 Encoding Problem and unable to fix it? If yes, then you are at the right place, and we are providing an excellent solution for it.

So join us as we introduce to you the tested methods of fixing it.

Before we get started to solve it, it’s very essential to know about what is this problem and how to occur.

What is Error 96 Encoding Problem?

It’s defined as an error in messaging service on android, which leads to failure of messages to be sent from one person to another through messaging apps.

It dominates the working of the messaging apps, and they are unable to send messages. However, you still be able to receive messages.

How Does Error 96 Encoding Occurs?

It usually occurs due to the following reasons.

1. Network Operator

Your network operator may be the cause for it because the sending and receiving of SMS depend on it. If you have recently changed your APN (Access Point Name) settings, there’s a high possibility for it.

If your network operator has some problems with Fiber cables, then the problem can occur.

2. SMS App

After the network operator, what comes next to regulate the sending and receiving of your text messages is the SMS app. So you must check it in the play store and update it to the latest version and check it whether the issue is resolved.

How to Fix the Error 96 Encoding Problem?

There are a lot of ways to fix it. But we are sharing only the ways which were tested by our team and we found it effective.

Method 1: Update Your Network Operator SMS Number

  1. Open the dialer of your phone.
  2. Type *#*#4636#*#* and click on call.
  3. Now you have successfully entered service/engineer mode.
  4. Click on the phone information option.
  5. Scroll down, and you will find a setting name SMSC.
  6. Refresh it, and you will see that it gets changed.
  7. Now clear the data and cache of your SMS app and resend the SMS.

Method 2: Change Your SMS App

  1. Download any professional looking SMS App like the Chomp SMS Pro APK.
  2. Install it and select it as your default SMS App.
  3. Now try sending the SMS, and you will find that the issue has been successfully resolved.

User Review’s of Chomp SMS Pro Apk

1st User: It’s a great messaging app that can also be used to fix the error 96 encoding problems. I tank its developers for inventing such a useful app for us.

2nd User: Handy alternative to messages. Quick and responsive.

3rd User: It’s the best apps for messages because it offers full control of receiving and sending messages. It has many privacy options like SMS blocker and so on to help l manage your SMS.

FAQ’s Related to Error 96 Encoding Problem

How do I fix Error 96?

We have already discussed two methods for solving it on android devices on this page. So you must check them out.l

Why are My Text Messages Failing?

The majority of the text messages fail due to the error 96 encoding. We have provided its solution on this page itself.

How Do I Fix Message Not Sent?

It’s quite simple and easy to fix it. We have provided two methods for fixing it on this page.

How Can I Get My SMC Number?

Open your device dialer and type ##4636##. Now click on the phone information option and then on the SMC, and you will successfully discover your SMC number.

How Can I Check My Text Messages Without SIM Card?

Its not at all possible to check your text messages without SIM card because it can lead to several privacy issues.

How Do I Reset My Message Settings on Android?

Go the the settings of your SMS app. Then find the data settings option. Click on reset to default and you are done.


We hope that you have successfully fixed the Error 96 Encoding Problem on your Android device. Please let us know about it in the comments. If you have any queries, then comment below, and our team will get to it soon.

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