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Video Calling Apps to Work from Home

Many of us are compelled to work from home amidst the global pandemic. To contain the spread of the virus our country is in a complete lockdown and now conference room meetings have moved to our homes.

The following are the few apps that we suggest you can use while connecting with colleagues, collaborating with larger teams or any professional meetings.

You can also use their free versions to connect with your friends and family using these apps. The premium versions of these video calling apps are more effective for business settings, online classrooms, e-lectures, etc.

Microsoft Teams – This app is fully integrated with Office 365 and you can directly access Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, etc. The admin swiftly can create groups, edit groups, revive deleted groups, etc. You can use Teams chat to avoid clogging of emails in your inbox.

It also has easy to use mobile app versions which you can download on both Android and iOS devices. You can use slash commands which cause specific action in the Teams group. For instance, you can use slash command “/away”, which will change your status to Away. You can host video calls for up to 250 members.

JioMeet – JioMeet is an Indian video conferencing app developed by Reliance Jio with a simple interface and adaptive streaming. You can collaborate with your team from any device like mobiles, tablets or even legacy video devices. You can schedule team meetings and send an invite link to your teams.

You can join a video call using the JioMeet invite link without the need for downloading the app. You connect with the team from any browser using the invite link. It assures the best video conferencing experiences even at lower bandwidths. If you are a business user you can connect up to 100 people for a video meeting.

Zoom – Zoom has become one of the popular video calling app amid the quarantine. There has been a surge in Zoom downloads across all the devices. It is simply because of the Zoom features that gives seamless experience.

You can set virtual backgrounds to hide your original messy backgrounds. For more security, you can set passwords to your Zoom meetings so that only selected people can join your video calls. Multiple people can share their screens simultaneously for effective real-time collaboration. You can connect up to 100 people but the video calls will have a time limitation of 40 minutes for basic plans.

Google Meet – Google Meet is a video conferencing software to conduct hassle-free business meetings. You can schedule the meeting on Google Meet and share the link with your teammates.

You can also join meetings from Calendar event or email invites. Well designed and well equipped Google Meet apps can be used on the go from your Android or iOS devices. You can hold larger team meetings for up to 250 members per call. You can also record your meetings and save them on Google Drive.

All these apps will take the traditional conference meetings and classroom teachings to a different level of excellence and efficiency. You can use the above apps to work from home without hampering your team productivity.

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