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Hide Photos on Android

Keep Photos Secret

There could be numerous reasons why you would like to keep your photos secret. To do this, you can use smart photo lock apps such as Keep Photos Secret that offers endless solution to keep your photos and videos protected effortlessly. We have tested this smart app for Android and shared our experience in this review.

How does it work?

Install the app from App Store and launch it.

First, you need to set a password or FaceID lock.

App Screenshot 1 - Keep Photos Secret

Next is to select photos or videos from album that you want to keep secret. You can import these photos directly to the app. Alternatively, it allows you to keep photos secure downloaded from browser. To do this, it offers an instant access to browser within the app.

App Screenshot 2 - Keep Photos Secret

From Settings of the app, you can access various useful features. Here, it allows you to change passwords, recover password, enable FaceID, and set recovery email. All these features are useful to keep your photos secure effortlessly.App Screenshot 3 - Keep Photos Secret

Features of Keep Photos Secret

Multiple lock options

App supports 6-digit PIN and facial recognition to lock your photos. It is useful feature to lock photos effortlessly using one of the options.

Separate lock for each album

For better security, it allows you to set separate lock for each album. Thus, you can allow others to access individual photo album without worrying about security of other photo albums.

Sharing locked photos from within the app

You can use this app to lock photos and later share them from within the app. Thus, you can control all your photo files effortlessly.

Built-in browser and image downloader

If you want to download and save any photo from Internet, then you can do it easily with this app. It offers quick access to browser and allows you to download and image and save it within the app.

Built-in camera

In addition to import photos option, you can also click photos and shoot videos from within the app. Once done, you can save using the password or FaceID within the app.

Safe Share

To keep your data secure, it offers safe share option. Here, you can directly share the content within the app. While app remains password protected, no one can access your data without your permission.

Password Recovery

In case you have lost or forgot the PIN, then you can try its safe password recovery option to recover the PIN. Here, you will get an email to your registered email address to recover the PIN.

Import from Gallery

App allows you to import photos or videos directly from the gallery to keep them safe in password-protected vault. You can even delete the photos or videos from its original location so that it remains safe only in the vault.

View Videos

App allows you to watch videos directly within the app.

The Verdict of the App

Keep Photos Secret is a simple yet most powerful tool that keeps all your photos & videos protected in secure vault. It offers tons of useful features to keep your data secure effortlessly. Do try this smart app for Android and share your experience in the comments below.

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