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Cleaner Apps for Android

Cleaner for Android

If you have recently noticed performance lags on your Android device, then it is time to boost its performance using Cleaner for Android. This powerful Android cleaner helps you deep scan your device storage to clean, optimize and protect your Android phone.

Highlights of the App

  • App offers tons of useful features to clean, optimize and secure your device for better performance.
  • It helps you manage all files & apps on your device.
  • It keeps your device security and privacy intact.
  • With Game Speedup feature, it helps you optimize your device resources for better performance.

How does it work?

  • Install and launch the app.
  • Once you launch it, it will ask you to upgrade to premium version with additional features. Alternatively, you can continue to free version with ads.
  • Allow necessary permissions.
  • On the home page, you will find detailed report of phone usage including RAM and storage usage.
  • Here, you can press “Tap to Boost” button to instantly clean RAM space and boost device performance.

Features of Cleaner for Android

Now on home page, you will find multiple options to select from including:

Junk Files

2020 Cleaner Apps for Android

Once you select this option, it will scan the device storage to find all junk files on your device including external application cache, temporary files, .APK files, and outdated folder. It also displays 10 largest files that you can remove if you find them unnecessary. You can simply tap on Clean Now button to clean mentioned storage space on your device.


Once you select this option, it will scan your device storage to find all duplicate files on your device. Once it completes scanning your device, simply click on Delete Now button to get rid of all duplicate files on your device. Alternatively, you can click on Backup Now button to take backup of these files on cloud servers.

Battery Saver

Battery Apps for Android Smartphones

Under this feature, you need to allow app to modify your system settings. Once done, it will show you all services that are consuming battery on your device. You can click on “Turn Battery Saver On” button to optimize your battery for long hour usage.

Malware Protection

Auto Update Apps for Android

This is a premium feature of the app that helps you keep your device protected from malware threats. Here, it will cover four important features to provide you complete security. It includes:

  • Under scan option, it will scan your complete device storage to find and display all critical privacy threats that could cause you trouble. You can click on Privacy Checkup button to view these threats.
  • Under Security option, it allows you to tweak settings to install from unknown sources and enable developer mode.
  • Privacy to scan all apps on your device to help you understand which permissions are accessed by different apps on your device. You can manage these permissions easily from here.
  • Under More options, it allows you to customize scan options, whitelist apps, view scan logs, share the app, and get to know more about app.

File Explorer

File Explorer Apps for Android

Under this option, app will display you all files that are installed under different folders and helps you manage them.


WhatsApp Manager for Android

Under this option, app will display you all WhatsApp media download on your device and helps you manage it.

Hibernate Apps

Hibernate Apps on your Android smartphone

Under this feature, you need to grant accessibility service permission on your device. Here, it will display you all system apps and user apps and helps you hibernate them when needed. It is useful feature to optimize device resources for better performance.

Game Speedup

Speed Up for Android smartphone

Here, you can add your favorite games into the list, and it will help you optimize your device resources such as RAM for better gaming experience. While it fetches all your games for optimization by default, you can add other apps manually too.

App Manager

It is one of the most useful features of the app. It helps you view and manage all installed apps on your device. You can archive these apps or uninstall them from within the app.


Under Settings of the app, you will find various options to select from including:

  • You can turn on or off notifications that you receive from the app.
  • You can set auto cleaning hours or turn this feature off.
  • You can add any app into the Ignore List and the selected app will not be scanned during the process.
  • You can select language of your choice from multiple available options.

The Verdict of the App

If you are looking for advanced cleaning solution for Android, then Cleaner for Android should be your choice. This powerful tool comes as a comprehensive solution to keep your device clean, optimized and secure for better performance.

Do try this powerful app to keep your Android phone in good health.

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