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Stay Safer feature on Google Maps

‘Stay Safer’ feature offered by Google Maps in India on Android

Google has come out with a new security feature on the Google Maps app which is known as ‘Stay Safer‘. This feature can be found on the bottom right side of the screen of your smartphone after the location is fed in.

Once you tap on the ‘Stay Safer‘ feature, you are presented with two options on your screen. The first option allows you to share the live progress of your trip with your family and friends.

This feature comes as a blessing for those who anxiously wait for their loved ones to update them while they are travelling.

When one is driving, riding or using public transport, his or her family will be well aware of the exact location that they are in and which route is being taken along with how long it will take them to reach their destination.

The second option allows one to get ‘off-route alerts’ while on the move. If you are travelling in a cab or a rickshaw and it strays over 500 metres off the route that was earlier suggested, then the app will instantly give you an alert on your phone and you will immediately realize you have strayed on to a different route.

If you tap on the alert, it will show you the current route and the route that Google suggested. This feature allows users to check the current route and the suggested route and immediately notify the driver if he has mistakenly taken another route besides the suggested one.

The ‘share live trip’ location also enables users to share the actual progress of their trip on other apps likes Facebook and WhatsApp.

This feature has been rolled out only for Android devices in India and comes as a great security feature that helps others stay in the loop on one’s whereabouts at all times.

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