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Knox has made Android more secure, says Samsung

Security and privacy amount to a big part of Samsung’s mobile division. A solution provided in this aspect by Samsung since 2013 is Knox.

Knox is an enterprise mobile security solution that comes pre-installed in most Samsung devices. Knox happens to be the only security solution from a smartphone manufacturer that seeks to protect devices at all levels that is from the hardware root level to the top application layer.

Nick Dawson, who is Samsung’s Director B2B Product Management Group, Mobile Communications Business, told India Today Tech that they assemble all of the components in their own factory which lets them have more control of what goes into a product. They can then infuse their security solutions which are encryption keys right into the hardware during manufacturing.

Dawson opines that Android has become a lot more secure over the last few years. As far as offering a secure and private device is concerned Samsung’s Knox solution happens to be a holistic approach with the current architecture of Android Enterprise.

It takes a multi-layered approach and protects the application layer, software layer and hardware layer. This secures the device on the surface application and the hardware root as well.

Dawson further states that they have ensured that they can offer the best security for all their products. He feels that the most common attack vector today is via links sent as text messages or phishing attacks.

Knox makes sure that an attacker does not manage to gain access to sensitive information thus reducing the risk of phishing attacks.

Protecting devices on a kernel level

Knox manages to protect a device from a kernel level ensuring that root access is denied to an attacker during a startup process.

Any data which is sensitive is kept encrypted even after the device has been switched on. Samsung says that it happens to be the only company that offers kernel protection during runtime and not only when the device is powering up.

For Samsung, it is not only about protecting the device but Knox also protects the connected network. With the growth of 5G, there will also be the growth of connected devices within a network. Even though Samsung offers protection from kernel level, the threat looms large from third-party connected devices.

Just a single injection of false data can lead to the crumbling of the entire network of connected devices.

This is the reason why Samsung is incorporating Knox to every device that is made by them right from 5G devices to 5G networks such as Access Point/ Base Station and IoT end points.

Dawson states that “Samsungs devices are inoculated and protected from other third-party devices that are connected to our products within a network.” Further, it is said that they are focussed on protecting the devices that are made and also incorporating Knox solutions on a network level.

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Samsung working with governments on security

Samsung has also begun collaborating with governments across the globe to offer its Knox solution in order to address any security concerns that they may have. India happens to be a major market for Samsung. Several new devices are first launched in India and then taken to other countries.

It has also displayed its readiness to work with telecom operators on 5G networks. It may be true that Samsung may provide Knox solutions to the Indian government but this has not been thrown light upon by Dawson.

Samsung’s India research and development centers are significant in developing features for Knox. Samsung is looking at embedding its Knox solution into its entire portfolio of connected devices and also on a network level as well.

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