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Google is testing Snapchat-like features in Android Messages

Texting has turned out to be really cool now days with creative filters that bring simple texts to life. People add life and flavour to their text messages by using filters that probably add more context and depth to regular messaging.

In some interesting news for all fans of filters, Google has started testing features that are very similar to Snapchat-like filter effects in its Android Messages app; this has been outlined by XDA Developers. The app currently is said to have five filters for now.

As of now, the filters are a plane, balloons, firework, confetti, and angel feature.  One will be able to find this cool feature in the camera viewfinder and then you can select the effects tab once you go to send a picture.

Once this is done, the picture will then send as an MMS, SMS, or RCS message depending on your type of phone. Today, these types of filters have really caught the attention of all due to the use of apps like Snapchat and Instagram which are apps that come with several filters that at times personify chats.

At this testing stage, Google seems to be testing just five filters. The other platforms have filters in dozens.

It may be the case that we will see more filters in the near future so that they allow users similar experiences like they do on other apps.

The main reason for getting this update is that Google is planning to make Android Messages a competitor to iMessage.

It is important to mention that this feature is just being tested right now and it will not be available to all users at this point of time. This news is pretty sure to get users excited and looking forward to using this feature when it comes out officially.

Source: XDA Developers

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