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Google Maps reveals most crowded transit lines around the world

Toronto and Vancouver did not make it to the top of Google Maps’ most crowded transit lines in the world. However, the tech giant has drawn out the busiest stops in each of the cities in Canada.

In the city of Toronto, it has been indicated on Google Maps that routes 68, 501 and 103 are the busiest transit routes.

The most crowded stops on route 68 are Warden Ave. at Manhattan Dr., Warden Ave at Marble Arch Cres., and Murray Glen Rd.

On route 501, Queen St. East at Sudbury St., Queen St. West at Bathurst St., and Queen St. East at Brooklyn Ave are the most crowded stops.

On route 103, it is Hurontario St. at Ray Lawson Blvd., Brampton Gateway Terminal, and Sir Lou that account for the most crowded stops.

Coming to Vancouver, the most crowded routes as per Google Maps are 319, 14 and 49. Northbound Scott Rd. at 75A Ave. Westbound 72 Ave. at 126 St., and Westbound 72 Ave. at 122A St. are the most crowded on 319.

On route 14, it is Northbound Granville St. at W Broadway, Eastbound W Broadway St. at Balaclava St., and Eastbound W Broadway at Fir St that are categorized as the most crowded stops.

On route 49, Westbound E 49 Ave at Fraser St., Westbound E 49 Ave at Elgin St., and Westbound E 49 Ave at Wales St are the most crowded stops.

It must be noted that the top ten most crowded transit lines (including subways, metros, commuter rails and other heavy transit) according to Google Maps, include:

  1. Buenos Aires Urquiza Line
  2. Sao Paulo Line 11 (Coral)
  3. Buenos Aires Line A
  4. Sao Paulo Linha 8 Diamante
  5. Paris Line 13
  6. Buenos Aires Line C
  7. Tokyo Chuo Line
  8. Sao Paulo Line 9 (Emerald)
  9. Tokyo Nippori-Toneri Liner
  10. New York L train

As per the blog post, this crowdedness data is derived directly from people who use Google Maps.

Once users navigate in transit mode, they receive notifications inquiring about how crowded their subway train or bus ride was.

The results are from data received from October 2018 to June 2019 during the peak hours of the day that is 6 am – 10 am. Based on this it was identified as to which lines had the highest number of crowdedness reports.

Source: Google Maps

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