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WhatsApp is about to make a big change for Android users

Android users can brace themselves for a change in a WhatsApp feature that is coming their way. The users of Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus or Sony will be able to see the change.

Right now, if we wish to send a picture to a contact we can see a small version of the person’s profile picture.

With the new change, we will be able to see the entire picture of the contact that we are planning on sending the image to. This should reduce the times we send embarrassing pictures to the wrong contact by mistake.

We do not yet know when this feature will be rolled out. The change is undergoing testing in the latest beta version of the app as per reports. Once it is out of beta, android users will be able to use this feature.

The world’s most popular messaging app has changes made to it very regularly. It should not take more than two months for this feature to arrive.

iPhone users have been using this feature on their version of WhatsApp on their phones for pretty long. The editor of the WABetaInfo blog that covers WhatsApp developments has recently criticized the app for being slow in developing new features.

Sources have said the WhatsApp was a bit slow to get new functionalities as compared to its competitors. The site has written ‘I don’t understand why they are so slow.’

It feels that it may be fair enough to take some time to get new features as this app is very popular but it compares WhatsApp to Telegram which is pretty fast with its features.

The post further goes to state that WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, does not see the need for a loyal community of followers.

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The article also highlights the fact that the Dark Mode, which came into existence in 2018 has still not arrived on the app even though almost all other platforms have adopted it.

Have said all this, at least now Android users will now be able to see who they’re sending their pictures to.

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