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WhatsApp Messenger (PIP 2.0)

PIP mode 2.0 rolling out on WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp always has something new up its sleeve in terms of features and functionalities. WhatsApp is said to have been working on making the functionality of its picture-in-picture (PIP) mode better.

There was an issue in the original PIP mode wherein when a user switched apps the video in PIP mode would stop playing.

This would happen even though WhatsApp was not closed. PIP mode 2.0 – tried to make changes to this with its improvements.

WABetaInfo which is a blog that always reports developments and upcoming features updates on the social messaging app was the first to report that WhatsApp was working on this feature.

The company has already begun rolling out this feature to all those users of the latest beta version of its Android app. PIP mode 2.0 is now available to all those using WhatsApp Beta for Android version 2.19.177.

What is it that the PIP mode 2.0 will actually do?

With this feature, WhatsApp users can play a YouTube video or a Facebook video in the background even if the user switches from one chat to another within the app or the user switches to another app without closing WhatsApp.

Since the feature is out in the beta app, it should be available to all users around the world pretty soon.

WhatsApp is also working on a solution to those who end up sending pictures to the wrong contact by mistake. As of now, WhatsApp shows the image of the recipient in the top left corner on the screen when the user selects and edits the images that they want to share.

Now the app will begin showing the name of the recipient below the caption on the screen so the users can see and be sure of who they are sending it to, thereby reducing the risk of accidentally sending it to the wrong person.

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