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Parking location reminder to Assistant brought back by Google

Google is known for creating several useful tools for smartphone users from time to time and have also taken them away without any reason leaving people disappointed. One such feature was the one that enables you to remember your parking location. This was a part of Google Now that is currently defunct. The best parts of Google Now were added to Google Assistant over a period of time.

The most recent addition is the one that lets you remember your parking spot. Google Assistant will use your location history to take into account when you stop driving and begin walking. It then depicts this as your parking spot.

Although it may not be 100% accurate, it is helpful for those who find it difficult to remember where you have parked which can be a very annoying issue at times.

You may not need to use Assistant to derive this benefit. Google maps let you have the option of marking where you have parked, but this needs to be done manually.

It may be interesting to observe though that you may not remember to mark your parking spot on the map if you find it difficult to remember your parking spot in the first place.

If you do manage to mark it on maps, Assistant will be able to leverage the information and will give that location instead of its own as it is considered to be more accurate.

So far, Google Assistant does not gather any other information like disconnecting from a car’s Bluetooth or Android Auto, but we hope that over a period of time it adds these as parking indicators which may prove to be pretty accurate. This feature is being rolled out as a part of a server-side update and you will receive it at some point of time.

Source: Android Police

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