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Realme to launch a 5G-enabled phone in 2019

The smartphone brand Realme has dented India’s budget segment over the last year with the launch of several budgeted phones.

The brand is now focusing on Chinese and European markets and trying to do the same out there. The Realme X was released in China last month and will appear in India this year at some point of time.

This manufacturer now wants to target the premium segment in the market by coming out with a 5G-enabled phone that will launch in 2019.

There was a roundtable held in China last month, and Madhav Sheth revealed that they would like to bring a 5G-enabled device to India at some point of time.

He revealed that there is no infrastructure for it at all at the moment. He believes that it will take some time maybe several years before any meaningful steps are taken regarding 5G in India.

However in China and UK there are already commercial 5G networks being rolled out. Realme will surely try and target these markets for its upcoming phone since the infrastructure for 5G is already in place.

Coming to the device, it may be possible to see a Pro variant of the Realme X packed with a Snapdragon 855. We believe that Realme will roll out the most affordable devices with 5G connectivity and give tough competition to any of its competitors in this segment.

Let us wait and watch what happens in the weeks to come and see what Realme finally brings out.

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