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Huawei cancelled United States meetings

U.S. meetings cancelled by Huawei, American employees sent home

China came up with its own plans of creating its own retaliatory blacklist immediately after the U.S. ban on the company. China is said to have violated certain terms and conditions of Google.

After this development Huawei has cancelled meetings with Americans and sent U.S employees home. There has been no interaction whatsoever between China and American citizens.

According to a report in Financial Times, Huawei’s Chief Strategy Architect, Dang Wenshuan,has stated that the company did repatriate all U.S citizens working in research and development.

This development happened a couple of weeks ago when Huawei found itself on the U.S. Commerce Department’s ‘Entity List’, which led to banning American companies from selling technology to Huawei without Government approval. There was a complete breakdown n relations and trade between Huawei and America.

The report states that in the middle of a workshop, China asked American delegates to remove their laptops, isolate their networks and move out of the company’s premises immediately.

They were not even spoken to or engaged with but were immediately shunted out.

The report also states that Huawei has begun putting limitations on interactions between its employees and American citizens. Everything appears to have come to a standstill.

With regards to creation of China’s own entity list, China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao Feng has stated that it may include foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals that “don’t obey market rules, violet contracts and block [or] cut off supply for non-commercial reasons,” in the list.

He said the list was made to protect its trade and safeguard China’s security, social and public interests.

China may have a tough time with this list though. If it goes about blacklisting then it may end up hurting itself and not doing any good at all.

Huawei is busy developing their new operating system for their mobile devices.

Source: Financial Times | Via: CBC News

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