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Pakistan’s rival to Whatsapp Messenger finally launches on Android

It may be noted that of late there have been many privacy issues faced by WhatsApp users these days. Pakistan’s rival to Whatsapp known as ZapBuddy has come up with a solution to these privacy issues and the app has already been launched for Android.

This new social app comes with distinguishing features far different and useful than WhatsApp for Android. It is an altered form of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, IMO, Line and other apps.

This app comes with augmented reality, display picture privacy, device location privacy and encrypted chat. One of the noted features is that data selling is not a part of their business plan.

ZapBuddy in the News for Android

The founder of ZapBuddy, Majid Aziz has told us that “In this particular application you can have a different profile picture for every contact, unlike WhatsApp.”

Majid Aziz further added that “A separate profile picture can be set for your family, friends and your colleagues.”

ZapBuddy Screenshot - Feature (1)ZapBuddy Screenshot - Feature (2)

This app also comes with an augmented reality, this will help users find nearby ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals, cinemas and shopping centres.

He further added that if one wants to share their exact location with another user, they do not need to drop a pin on the location, but can open their camera and like radar technology in games one can check their friends location by pointing the camera towards different streets. This is one notable feature that is far different than Whatsapp.

One can also accept and decline group invites. On WhatsApp any contact can be added to a group without permission. Here however one can accept or reject the offer to be added to the group.

There is a feature called exceptions for groups. This allows you to silence every chat/group except for the ones that are okay with you. Now you do not have to manually mute every chat.

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