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8 Best Emulators for Android

The older consoles are an integral part of our lives and especially our childhood. There are loads of iconic games from the SNES to the PlayStation that have always made life special.

A few of them are pretty awesome in today’s world.

Quite a few of the games have mobile releases, such as the older Final Fantasy games. The others however, can only be played on the older consoles and no other way.

With the development of emulators, you can play any of the originals at your convenience on your devices. Let us take a look at the best emulators for Android. You need to remember that these emulators are finicky and may not work smoothly all the time.

Classic Boy - Emulators for AndroidClassic Boy

One of the most robust emulators for the Android is the Classic Boy. It can support multiple consoles, like PlayStation, N64, Game Boy Advanced, Game Boy Classic and Color, and more.

Almost all of them work pretty well. It also lets you use save states, load states, hardware controller support, and gesture support.

As we tested it out on various games, the Classic Boy worked well on them. It runs pretty smoothly and works the way it was intended to. There are no major complaints when it comes to this.

The free variant comes with a few features that are not included in it while you can get them on the premium version. It is reasonably priced at $3.99.

The only issue with this app is that it is using the same version from 2014, and has not been updated ever since. Hence, we recommend its use on older Android devices only.

Dolphin Emulator - for AndroidDolphin Emulator

This is a very interesting browser. It was running for quite some time then it stopped and is currently back at the moment. The developers have stated that it will remain for a while this time. It is the only decent GameCube and Wii emulator on Android. It allows one to play ROMs of games from both the systems with relatively competence.

There are quite a few bugs in it as it is still in development stage. The common features like save and load states are present in it. You will however need your own ROMs. As of now the Dolphin Emulator is free but as time goes by and the app gains stability and improvements this may change.

SuperRetro16 - Emulators for AndroidSuperRetro16

One of the most popular SNES emulators is the SuperRetro 16. The name kept on changing over the years, but the app has remained stable.

This app is compatible with every SNES ROM that we have seen. It comes packed with features like variable speed fast forward, cloud saving, cloud game storage, and several graphics and audio settings.

Try out the free version before buying it. This app happened to be removed from Google Play but is currently back again. This did not go too well with users as they had to pay for it again.

ePSXe - Emulators for AndroidePSXe

This app is popular as a PlayStation emulator. It is focused on simplicity. You can just load your ROM and get set to go. It has great features like the virtual keyboard customization, hardware controller support, and the general stuff like save and load states.

It costs $3.75 with no in-app purchases, and no free version to demo.

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John NESS and John GBACJohn NESS and John GBAC

John emulators is one of the developers on Google Play. He has developed a couple of really good emulator apps. Some of them are apps for SNES, NES, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Color. They are considered the best among its console categories. They work very well with good ROM support; they have all the basic features and also include cheat codes and fat forward mode. There are free versions of all and the pro version costs $4.49 each. The developer made changes to the classic emulators for newer versions. It did not go well with peoples, but the new apps are as good as the old ones as well.

Nostalgia EmulatorsNostalgia Emulators

Another developer on Google Play is Nostalgia Emulators. They are into three popular emulators for Game Boy Color, NES, and Game Gear.

They feature cool customizable virtual controllers, save/load states, hardware game-pad support, and many features specific to the different game consoles.

If you have an extra phone you can go in for a WiFI controller mode. They are all reasonably priced with the most expensive at $3.99 for the NES emulator. All of the rest are below $2.

Yaba Sanshiro - Emulators for AndroidYaba Sanshiro

This app is fairly new. It is one of the few decent SEGA Saturn emulators in the Google Play Store. The emulator works fine, you need to come up with your own BIOS and game files.

You get all the basic features along with OpenGL ES 3.0 support, cheat codes, and a few other things. It is still in app development stage.

The app works well with all the bugs, the Play Store listing emulating hardware is set at difficult.

Reicast - Emulators for AndroidReicast

The only competent SEGA Dreamcast emulator in the Google Play Store is Reicast. It has the general emulator stuff that includes save and load states, control customization, and the usual basic features. This emulator supports GDI, CHD (v4), and CDI game formats which can be got after a few extra setups.

One has to manually create the game folder, save folder, and manually format the emulated memory cards. This app is free and may have a few stability and bug issues.

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