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Facebook to begin running ads in the Status section of WhatsApp in 2020

A few hours ago, Facebook confirmed that it will introduce ads to WhatsApp Messenger at the start of 2020.

Facebook made the announcement at the Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands. The news was thereafter shared on Twitter by Matt Navarra as you can see in his tweet below.

As per the social network company, ads will run in the ‘Status’ section of the app. The ads on WhatsApp Messenger will work similarly to ads on Instagram stories.

When you scroll through the slideshow of your friends’ WhatsApp statuses, you will come across an advertisement occasionally. In the case of regular statuses, the ads will cover the whole screen.

Then you will be able to swipe up to visit the the website or promotional page of the advertiser. The roll-out date for the WhatsApp ads has not been stated yet.

What will happen after this ? 

What are you opinions regarding this ? 

What is your first reaction ? 


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We will be sourcing out more information regarding this alarming update about ads on WhatsApp as soon as possible so that we can give you a heads up.

There will be a lot of users that are going to be sad about this and might end up using alternate platforms since it will be quite irritating to see ads in the status section.

What are you going to do now ? 

Will the roll-out of this feature happen in segments or world-wide ? 

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