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Use PUBG Mobile gyroscope controls to improve aiming

If you are a PUBG Mobile enthusiast you will always look to find an advantage on the competition right through the game. All you need to do is know the right controls and tricks to help you proceed and win one on one or with other players online on the PUBG gaming network.

There are several in-game scenarios while playing PUBG, you will be able to best cope up with pressure if you can adapt to using all the tools provided in the game.

Technique and skill are of utmost importance, however there are advanced controls that may exist even beyond your knowledge that can enhance accuracy.

In the settings you will see that PUBG Mobile has clever ways to fine tune the aim of the players using the phones gyroscopic sensors. Slightly tilting of your phone with a steady grip while using the gyroscope trick helps to improve your sniping accuracy.

For reasons best known to them, Tencent has placed split gyroscope controls over two pages in the PUBG Mobile settings. You’ll need to first toggle gyroscope on from Basic Settings.

It is recommended that you start off by using it just to control scope aiming, as if you turn gyroscope “Always On” before you get a hang of using it may not work well for you.

You can tilt your phone to make small adjustments in your aim using “Scope On” while you look down the sights or cope of your gun. It is best you start off from here.

You will find the settings for gyroscope sensitivity in the Sensitivity tab of the game settings; you can then customize how much you wish to tilt your phone to aim.

Sensitivity sliders can be found for no scope in both third- or first-person and also with sliders for each type of scope available in the game. They are found right from Red Dot and Holographic sights all the way up to 8x sniper scopes.

After turning on gyroscope for the scopes, make sure to test it with an arcade match. You will get a hang of how the gyroscope sensitivity affects all the types of scope and why bigger the scope less the sensitivity. Once you are fully zoomed in the least movement will let you track a moving target with hardly any effort.

It will takes you a lot of trial and error to find the best setting for yourself, but if you master gyroscope it will be add marvelous dimensions to your game.

Try and grab a GameSir F1 Grip which will simplify the effort to keep a grip on your phone and more so since you will begin tilting the phone much more now.

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