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New Google Policies make Android Apps safe for Kids

Android apps will be safer for kids as per new Google policies

The Android Developers Blog carried out a post today where Google announced a few policy updates in reference to apps on Google Play Store.

The updates are in relevance to apps geared towards kids.

The updates are as follows:

  • If the app is designed to have children as its audience it must meet certain guidelines with regards to personally identifiable information.
  • If the app is for children only appropriate advertisements certified by Google can be allowed to be run.
  • If the app is not meant for kids, it should not be construed as being meant for kids in any way possible.

There is nothing out of the box here but Google is very particular about getting these policies rolling.

How to download the Google Play Store!

A new way is being considered by Google for developers to declare as to who is their target audience. Developers will be asked to fill a short questionnaire about each of the apps that they own on Google Play Store. This questionnaire will seek all relevant information from them.

All information from the questionnaire will be verified and monitored by Google. This will help Google organize and deliver apps by targeting users of different ages.

These updates in policy will affect all developers and products on Google Play and will of-course be mandatory for all new apps from today onwards.

Previously developed apps are given a grace period, whereby developers are allowed till September 1, 2019 to fill out the questionnaires. All information must be updated by that date.

YouTube has also made similar updates with regards to children in the recent past. In all good interests, this was done as predatory behavior in YouTube comments was noticed in addition to there being videos that appeared to be for children but actually contained adult themes.

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