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OnePlus 5/5T & OnePlus 6/6T

OnePlus 5/5T , OnePlus 6/6T will get Fnatic Mode, RAM boost, and more

The build up to the release date of a smartphone is all about the stress on the design and build material of the device. There are a few who will want to know the internal hardware specs and both press renders and the CAD renders are very popular that initiate a lot of discussion and analysis within the fraternity.

Only once the smartphone is released do we see the new software features that are a part of these devices.

At times the new features are exclusive only to new hardware but in this case the OnePlus 5/5T and OnePlus 6/6T are set to get the company’s new Fnatic Mode, RAM Boost, and more.

OnePlus 5 XDA ForumOnePlus 5T XDA Forum

There are times when feature restrictions are limited by the device’s hardware, but mostly, an OEM will use this to sell a new phone.

It becomes easier to sell a new phone when we hype a new feature and say that it is exclusive only to that phone.

Some OEMs usually back-port the new features to their older range of phones. This has happened with Samsung, Xiaomi and Google. One plus is doing the same with the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6, and OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus 6 XDA ForumOnePlus 6T XDA Forum

After launching the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro the brand announced several new software features for Android ROM, OxygenOS.

We have put it in public domain that the company’s 2017 and 208 smartphones will receive the Zen Mode and the new screen recording feature, however that’s all we know for now.

The new features that will be back-ported to these 4 smartphones have been announced. They are:

  • Fnatic Mode – It is a performance and network boost for the benefit of playing games
  • Zen Mode –  This helps you disable all distractions for 20  minutes
  • Screen Recorder – This feature helps you record the screen along with internal sound.
  • Quick Reply in Landscape – Allows you to reply to a message in landscape without blocking the whole screen
  • DC Dimming – This is an alternative method that helps to adjust the screen brightness by changing the circuit power of the screen
  • RAM Boost – Helps increase the utilization of RAM utilization according to your usage
  • Android Q Update – The OnePlus 5/5T will also derieve the Android Q Beta

We are not aware when these features will be available for these smartphones. Mostly likely it should happen in an OxygenOS update during this year.

Source : OnePlus

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