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HongMeng OS by Huawei

HongMeng OS is being developed by Huawei

The HongMeng OS !

What’s it ?

The quarrel between Huawei and the U.S. Government is at its peak as of now. Announcements have been made by Google that they will be blocking Huawei devices from accessing their services.

Which simply means that in a few weeks, Huawei smartphones and tablets will lose access to Google’ services like Google Drive, Google Keep, Play Store, GMail and a lot more of them.

Huawei has released a strong statement that says it will still support current Honor and Huawei smartphones with security patches and after sale services.

The U.S. Government has given Huawei a three months grace period to use Google’s service.

Huawei has been preparing for this since 2012 and are already deep in development of their own mobile operating system which is called the HongMeng OS, as per various sources in China.

The HongMeng OS by Huawei is currently in the trial phase and is focused on bringing about a controlled ecosystem.

As previously mentioned by a person from Huawei, there are many challenges that they have faced in creating a controlled ecosystem.

There were rumors floating around that the smartphone manufacturer is creating their own operating system called Kirin OS which was going to be rightly named after their processors.

Although, Richard Yu (CEO of Huawei Mobile) has not given a statement on the platform we would say this is just a grain of salt.

In the news is also the fact that Google is facing potentially expensive probes in India and Italy. Antitrust probes are back to haunt Alphabet’s (GOOGL) Google in Italy and India. If proved guilty, Google could end up paying massive fines. It is being ascertained in Italy whether Google indulged in abuse of dominance of its Android platform.

Italy’s antitrust regulator is heading the mission of investing into these allegations. Enel which is Italy’s prime utility company is into multinational energy and is located in 34 countries across 5 continents.

Source : WCCFTech

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