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Samsung close to deciding on new Galaxy Fold launch date

Dong-jin Koh (Chief of Samsung Mobile) says that the company is close to making a decision about the Galaxy Fold’s new launch date.

As per the interview with the Korea Herald, Dong-jin Koh said, “Samsung has reviewed the defect caused from certain substances that entered the device, and they will come to a conclusion regarding the launch today or tomorrow.”

When he was asked whether Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold in the United States before the end of May 2019, Dong-jin Koh replied saying, “We will not be too late.”

As on Tuesday, Samsung emailed all consumers in the United States to secure their Galaxy Fold pre-order.

A spokesperson for Samsung told Engadget that the will announce a new launch date in the next few weeks. The company also detailed how it plans to improve the Fold’s durability and performance.

Samsung will make sure to reinforce the device’s hinge and reduce the gap between the protective film and bezel. Technically, both measures are smartly designed to prevent foreign matter from entering under the display.

It looks like the quote was misdirected as the smartphone manufacturer is now stating the fate of the Fold release date will be revealed in the next few weeks and not days as previously stated.

As per CNBC, “a company spokesperson told CNBC that the Samsung will announce a new release date in the ‘coming weeks,’ however, suggesting the company’s final decision will not be made public immediately.”

There are hundreds of users who are waiting to receive their Galaxy Fold with an improvement and all this correction of the defect is costing Samsung a lot of time and money.

Well, the dedication of the company to solve the issue shows that they value customer loyalty and are going to work around the clock to make a difference.

Source: Korea Herald | Via: Engadget

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