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Game of Thrones Galaxy Fold

Game of Thrones Galaxy Fold [Limited Edition] costs $11,000

As of now, it looks like everyone does not want Game of Thrones Season 8 to be made again. A Russian company called Caviar is specialized in throwing leather, gold, jewelry at devices to make them more expensive, has declared “A Song of Ice and Fire” Saga by opening pre-orders to its Galaxy Fold which is backed by the theme of Game of Thrones.

But, unlike the ending that burned many of its fans’ heart, the Galaxy Fold by Caviar will definitely burn your bank account.

The Caviar Game of Thrones edition is priced at USD 8,180 which is around CAD 10,988 and Rs. 5,67,700/-, is almost four times more expensive than the regular Galaxy Fold.

Caviar has planned to customize only seven copies of this fold-able device to the number of Westeros kingdoms.

The first copy will be sent to George Martin himself, leaving only six copies for the most die-hard Game of Thrones fans who have a good set of digits in their bank account.

If you are not one of the over 1 million people who petitioned HBO to re-make Season 8 of Game of Thrones, you still have a chance to show-off our loyalty or your cash by getting your hands on this device.

In case you don’t like Game of Thrones or not at all a fan of any of the HBO series, the luxury smartphone design company has thought of that and will release a “normal” Galaxy Fold that will be covered in gold, carbon fiber and/or leather instead.

As per the press release, “the sales for the regular Galaxy Fold by Caviar will begin with the opening of the official Samsung Fold series.”

Source: Caviar

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