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Call of Duty Mobile Beta Information and Download

Call of Duty Mobile Beta rolling out in India for Android users

Call of Duty by Activision is finally coming to Android with Call of Duty Mobile, and the downloads of the pre-launch editions which are in beta being offered to a segment of Android OS users in India.

This signifies that users in India can pre-register for Call of Duty Mobile directly from the Google Play Store. Once the pre-registration process is complete, all that a user has to do is wait for the download link, which is being issued by the company in a very random manner.

As per the information that we have, Call of Duty Mobile will have battle royale gameplay along with other online multiplayer game modes.

As per Activision, all the five game modes of Call of Duty Mobile will include Free-for-all, Front-line, Domination, Team Death-match and Hard-point, each showcasing a different flavour of Call of Duty.

The Free-for-all mode comprises of individual death-matches with quick re-spawns bearing in mind the ultimate objective of reaching the highest set number of kills through the round which is said to support up to eight players in the match.

Whereas, the Front-line mode has team death-matches without any re-spawns, while the Team Death-match mode has re-spawns. On the other hand, Hard-point will require all players to capture Hard-point and hold on to it, just like the classic ‘Capture the Flag’ game-play mode of Unreal Tournament.

Meanwhile, the Domination mode will require all players to capture as many checkpoints and accumulate the most points before time runs out.

With pre-registrations and the first beta gamers being signed up across India, the official public launch of the final game will be made available soon. Just like Super Mario for Android, this is one of the most awaited game that is finally on the Google Play Store.

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