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App Review of Batelco for Android


Batelco for Android happens to be the leading digital solutions provider in Bahrain. It has launched an app which is an all-in-one mobile and home broadband services app.

Our smartphones are now the majorly used computing devices on a daily basis. We’ve had a chance to spin around with it and we can confidently say that this app has brought customer service to your fingertips. Batelco for Android has a user friendly design and is easy to use and understand.

This app sticks to you and acknowledges you from the moment you register to log in. You will be able to monitor, manage and upgrade all your home broad band services and mobile requirements.

Batelco for Android is much faster than the web and saves you a lot of time in transactions. All payment options on  Batelco are secure and certified.

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Feature Tools

  • Package information

This feature gives you all the necessary information of the benefits that you can enjoy under each package.

  • Package upgrade with ability to add bolt-on

Allows you to upgrade you internet package.

  • Mobile usage history

Allows you to view how much of data you have used over a period of time.

  • Roaming bolt-on activation

Provides you with a wide range of networks to choose from while roaming.

  • Add feature and manage subscription

Allows you to manage your subscriptions

  • Transfer credit to family or friends

Allows you to transfer balance to another person

  • Refill SimSim line

Enables you to recharge your prepaid SimSim line

  • Bill Payment

Enables you to make outstanding payments through various channels.

  • Block Spam SMS

Plays a role of a spam checker and eliminates unwanted stuff.

  • Make payment using debit and credit cards

Has a feature for you to use to make payments with your debit or credit card.

For Home Broadband Services (HBS)

  • View access package information

You can have a glance and check all required information of your chosen package.

  • Usage history

Allows you to view how much of data you have used over a period of time.

  • Bill and Usage information

Gives you billing details

  • Bill payment and quick pay feature with debit and credit card

Has a feature for you to use to make payments with your debit or credit card.

The app is available on Google Play Store for download and hence widens the compatibility on various devices.

Rating Score

Value for Download/Money

Very Good

The app is an all in one solution to manage your connectivity. This app is a must install for all Batelco users. The wide array of features help you manage your requirements smoothly.

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User Rating: 2.9 ( 1 votes)

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