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Runtastic Cycling Android App Review

Runtastic Road Bike GPS Cycling

Make your bike riding experience a much more intuitive exercise with the Runtastic Road Bike Trails and GPS Bike Tracker.

This app turns your smartphone into a full-fledged bike tracker with a plethora of rewarding features, without investing a ton of money on purchasing a separate tracking device.

Why wait further if you have a good bicycle lying around?

Make most out of it by installing the Runtastic Bike Ride App and take it for a spin!

Let’s discuss this free bike tracker application and what it brings to the table for an average user!

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User Interface

Right of the bat, the Runtastic biking app is fairly lightweight at just 38 MB considering the features it packs inside.

The welcome screen gives you an outline of what this app can do through swipeable pages, letting you know what is expected of this application.

Clicking the done button after your first interaction, the application takes you to the login screen.

You can either login via the integrated Google account on your Android smartphone or via Facebook or even better sign up for a dedicated Runtastic account.

The landing page of the bike tracking app is simple and straightforward. There is a timer up top which will start ticking when you tap on the begin activity button.

There’s the additional information such as the current speed of your bike,  distance covered and the calories burned in the process.

The three most useful data which you’d expect from a fitness app is right there in front of your eyes.

Click on the one most relevant to you, and it will take the center place of the page.

No more navigating inside cumbersome menu structures to find what you need to know.

The map on the lower bottom of the screen uses the smartphone GPS to track your ride and displays it in real-time.

Additionally, there’s the music player integration which can be used to sync with the installed player on the phone and play songs from it while riding the bike.

There’s also a wind speed notifier as well as sunset and sunrise information pane if you want to know that just in case.

One of the most user-centric features which we personally felt the best was the 15-sec timer.

When you hit the start activity button, the app runs a countdown timer from fifteen to zero, allowing you enough time to get set and ready.

The hamburger menu on the left when summoned with a click reveals the different options available to the user regarding his previous bike ride history, the statistics for a set period of time and the routes taken. But routes is a pro feature that you have to subscribe by paying.

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Salient Features

GPS route tracker

The Runtastic Bike ride app synchronises with the GPS on your smartphone to track the trails you’re taking with the bike.

There is an option within the app to stream the cycling data live to your friends and let them cheer for your achievements.

This is a great step towards motivation for better health as the closed ones are cheering for you in real time, appreciate you for your efforts.

Not only does this app traces the path of your exercise, but also calculates the distance traveled, calories burned and the average speed at which you have cycled.

This ‘fantastic’ Runtastic app makes your smartphone double up as a fitness tracker at no additional cost.

Music Playback

All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy. Well, no more with the Runtastic Bike riding app.

It lets you play your favorite tracks while continuing to track the metrics of your ride, making your exercise a much more pleasant and fun-filled experience.

Voice Assistance

Not always will you have the time to take the eyes away from the trail while riding a bicycle? It’s not safe either while riding the cycle through previously uncharted terrain.

That’s where the voice assistance feature comes to the rescue. It will dictate you the statistics such as current speed and distance covered while cycling without distracting you from the ride.


The inbuilt Google map integration helps you map the path traveled with your bicycle.

There is an option to download maps and use them offline. This is a great convenience feature if you’re planning to ride the cycle on a far off place with no cellular reception.

In the Pro version of the Runtastic app, you can view the trails covered by other bikers around your area and try riding the same path.

Bike Ride Analytics

All the previous rides and the data associated with those are stored safely and securely for future reference.

This data can be easily accessed right within the app for the history tab.

It will help you compare the past and previous performance and even let you schedule the future workouts based on this.

Support for External Hardware Pairing

The functionality of the Runtastic biking app is in no way limited.

But for those perfectionists who crave for more precise data, there is the option to pair the app with hardware such as heart rate monitor and speed and cadence sensors.

Heart rate monitor as the name suggests records your heart rate. The speed sensor precisely measures the velocity and the cadence sensor measure the energy output in the form of rotations per minute.

Sharing is Caring

There is no dearth for social network integration with the Runtastic bike app.

You can share the bike routes you have taken with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or even via personal email right within the application.


More and more people are embracing bicycle riding as it is more of a fun-filled exercise. When biking you can also explore the outside world for a breath of fresh air.

Having an app which monitors and logs all the details of your bike ride is essential for knowing how well each session went and to plan for the future sessions.

The Runtastic Bike Ride app is currently one of the best apps in the Android Google Play Store with a lot of features even in the free version of the app.

We had a lot of fun with the app and we are pretty sure that you too are going to have the same!

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