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Android Q has been leaked

System-wide dark mode and Privacy controls leaked in Android Q

Google will be launching its Android 10 Q operating system this year and is expected to showcase their first build of the software (beta) at Google I/O 2019.

We have already got a look at an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) build for the same via a video uploaded by XDA-developers that can be watched below.

In the video, it is mentioned that this is a beta Android Open Source Project build of the OS and may not resemble the final build that will be launched by Google this year.

As per source, this build was created recently in January 2019 and comes with the Android Q security patch for February.

In the video, you will see a lot of features that Android Q will bring to the most of the Android powered devices.

Some of these features include new privacy controls, system-wide dark mode, new permissions, new developer tools and a lot more.

Icon locations on the always-on display screen, app arrangement and new notification slide functionality have been added.

The system-wide dark mode is one of the major features that we see being implemented in the Android Q version. When this feature is turned on it implements an overall dark theme to the whole user interface from the notification panel to the settings panel.

Google appears to be focusing a lot on user privacy for Android Q. It has a new privacy permissions menu which lets users choose how much permission they want to grant a certain app and duration too.

Even more, the system user interface will show users all the apps using any sort of system functionality like microphone, camera, location and many other functions in the status bar.

A tool by the name of ‘force desktop mode’ can also be seen clearly in the video. This mode will allow users to connect their Android Q powered devices onto a display and use it as a desktop.

There will be number of new developer tools which will include a native screen recorder, ability to choose the graphics driver and a lot more that you will have to wait for.

An amazing feature called ‘Role’ was also spotted in the settings panel, which shows controls for SMS, gallery and browser, that will allow users to set particular roles for each of the apps and activation options too.

As of now we can only say that this is a beta version and Google is still deciding which features will be available to the public and which ones will be dropped.

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