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Motorcycle Mode for Google Maps in India is a Go

Google Maps has made our lives a whole lot easier. Not only do you get the exact route that is relevant to you and gets you there the fastest, but you also get the time that you’ll need to reach there, considering the mode of transport you have.

In addition to that, there are real time traffic updates that help you be more aware of potential delays. Finding new locations no matter where you are is not a problem since Google Maps has came around.

Let’s face it, there have been situations where many of us have been lost and stuck on the road but never has it been this easy to get unlost and unstuck, if you just have a smartphone and a data connection that’s working.

Google Maps just used to have public transport, walking and car options, but has recently added Uber and similar transport app compatibility. But there are a lot of people who use a motorcycle to get around, especially in India.

Cars and public transport don’t gel particularly well, given India’s transportation situation. That’s why motorcycles are so popular. Every second person seems to have a motorcycle to get around. Google Maps recently introduced the motorcycle mode, keeping the large number of people traveling by motorcycles in mind. Users have started seeing the motorcycle mode option in their Google Maps application in addition to the car, walking and train options that were previously available.

There was anticipation for something like this to be introduced due to previous versions like v9.61, v9.62 and v9.66. This final product (motorcycle mode) showed up for a user in the Google Maps’ latest version (v. 9.67.1). You get the best, most effective route for the motorcycle now in your Google maps app. There is a significant difference in the estimated travel time (ETA) for the motorcycle mode of travel in Google Maps compared to any other mode. This makes sense as cars and trains are larger vehicles that may not be able to take shortcuts or squeeze through the brunt of traffic.

The motorcycle mode feature on the Google Maps app in India makes special note of the road obstructions and closures on the way to the destination and the status of parking there.

There are reports that the feature is exclusive only to India at the moment and it only seems plausible that Google would launch it here as there are areas that are horrendously overcrowded and there are alleyways here where cars normally cannot fit but a motorcycle can.

It is very likely that this functionality comes as a direct result of the “Google for India” Initiative and this Google Maps functionality will be coming to other countries very soon.

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