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HQ trivia app to be launched on Android on Dec. 25

Yes, you read the title right. An interesting and insanely popular application that had many Android users drooling over it is finally available on the Android’s Play Store. The trivia app by HQ has been announced to be released on Dec. 25 for all Android users.

HQ announced the good news over its Twitter account. The makers of the trivia app addressed all Android users in specific and said that they had planned a nice little surprise for them this holiday season. After keeping users guessing, they eventually spilled the beans by saying that their successful application is to be launched on Android on Christmas 2017.

The producers of the app, based in New York, have worked in collaboration with the creators of video service Vine to bring this interesting application for all Android users. Those who haven’t heard of the game yet would love to know that there is a cash prize involved almost on a regular basis. However, getting the prize may not be as easy as it sounds.

Users need to log in twice a day during the noon and evening to answer a set of 12 trivia questions. The questions are tricky and require users to use their mind and to think of an answer to the questions within the specified time. Users that keep on answering the questions correctly will start progressing towards the next rounds. If a user is on spot with all of their answers and makes it to the final round then he/she will be posed with the final question for the day. Once the final question is answered correctly, they would get a cash prize that will be distributed evenly between all the participants that successfully went through all the stages.

Through the addition of Android users, HQ has ensured that they are now available on the most popular operating system in the world. Android users have an eye for good and interesting games and will certainly give this one a try. However, this may present a downside for users already playing HQ Trivia from other operating systems, since the additional users would mean that the prize cap at the end of the day would significantly decrease per user.

Ever since its launch in September this year, HQ has become extremely popular with all users. There have been reports of tens of thousands of players logged in at one time. With the fame HQ Trivia has already achieved, we can assume that it would be an instant hit on Android.


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