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LG V30 Plus Android Flagship Debuting In India on December 13

The LG V30 plus is all set to launch in India come the 13th of December. The phone is expected to be released in a week’s time after the local representatives of LG in India confirmed the release date of the widely anticipated set. Although, the release dates were mentioned just recently, media personnel had speculated the date of the launch through the invitations that were handed out much in advance.

The invitation that was sent to all major media figures mentioned that the unveiling ceremony will be hosted by none other than the Managing Director LG Electronics India, Ki Wann Kim. What we know about the launch of the android flagship is that the Indian wing of the company is expected to follow a promotional strategy similar to that of the global marketing team. The promotional strategy followed by the global marketing team was heavily focused on the imaging capabilities of the carrier.

Considering the interactive tagline of the phone (“inspire”, “create”, “share”) it is visible that the manufacturers appear adamant to promote the phone as a complete mobile photography tool.

In comparison to the previously launched LG V30, the LG V30 Plus comes with twice as much storage space as before. The mobile is currently being shipped with an internal flash memory of 128 GB to accommodate all the varied storage needs that users may have. The storage space can also be expanded by putting in 256 GB of additional storage through a microSD card. Interestingly, the tray for the microSD card can also double as a tray for a secondary Nano SIM, making the phone dual sim.

Another interesting difference between both the handsets comes with the pair of LG Quadplay earbuds that come within the box of the LG V30 Plus. The new earbuds have specifically been designed by LG to work with the exemplary quad DAC setup within the smartphone. The V30 came with ordinary headphones and earbuds. Besides the changes mentioned above, the LG V30 Plus smartphone hosts almost the same features as its predecessor had before it. The phone features a 6 inch POLED screen that comes with QHD+ resolutions for users to enjoy a seamless experience. The screen is also deemed to be resistant to water submission and dust particles.

The version of the LG V30 Plus being shipped to India comes with 7.1.2 Nougat and will see an update during early 2018. Pricing details are yet to be known and users might have to wait till December 13th for information pertaining to the price of the phone.


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