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The Stable Version of YouTube Go is Now Available in India

In April, Google launched the YouTube Go app in India, but it was in the Beta testing phase. YouTube allows us to view our favorite videos, whether they’re movie trailers, song videos on Vevo, stand-up comedy videos, skits, Comedy Central videos, tutorials, vlogs, gaming videos, reaction videos and much more. YouTube allows us to watch these videos and even share the ones we find interesting with our friends. It allows us to keep up with our favorite internet personalities and see the much awaited content from them.

While YouTube works well when you have a smooth internet connection, the buffer time in some developing countries like Indonesia and India gets too agonizingly long. Many people lack the patience to keep up with it and switch it off. YouTube Go was bought about as a solution to these problems in developing nations. YouTube Go had one simple purpose: improving the user experience in watching videos in developing countries where the internet speeds are comparatively very slow. It is similar to the YouTube Android app, but it is lightweight, with the option to download and save videos for offline viewing.

YouTube Go is a real helping hand from Google to its users – through it the company makes sure that slow internet speeds are not a hurdle in viewing pleasure. Users who have lower mobile data speeds feel that they can’t watch videos as easily because they get stuck at the loading screen. We all remember that advertisement where a bunch of people are staring at their phone screens and are moving their heads in a circular manner, signifying the loading overlay on YouTube videos. The YouTube Go app is there for eliminating this precise hurdle in viewership.

Regions other than where YouTube Go is available and functional can also download these videos but they have to join YouTube Red in order to download videos for offline viewing on the YouTube app.

There is some good news for people in Indonesia and India who use the YouTube Go Beta app, a stable and publicly released version is available now, which doesn’t carry the Beta tag. The Youtube Go app when first launched, offered videos in the basic (144p) and standard (360p) quality for its users. With this stable publicly available version, a third option now exists, which is the 480p. Other features include the addition of sharing the offline YouTube videos, stored in the Android device within either internal or external memories, with friends that are nearby. This feature on the YouTube Go app is possible with a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, similar to the Google’s Files Go app (whose beta version was also accidentally released).

The YouTube app is available on the Google PlayStore in India and Indonesia at the moment.

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