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Google Fixed the Cheese on the Cheeseburger Emoji in Android 8.1

Notice anything different about the first and the second Cheeseburger emoji displayed above (aside from the fact that one says old and one says new, each being depicted in the type-set). Though not the gravest of blunders by Google, but a blunder nonetheless, the latest Android 8.1 update saw Google come up with the first picture from the two initially as its definitive Cheeseburger emoji.

What came first, the patty or the cheese? Apparently, the designer gave the wrong answer to this and implemented it in the Android 8.1 OS update. Google later corrected this small, trivial error when it announced the correction in the cheeseburger emoji ingredients’ order. The popular website, “The Verge first reported on Wednesday that the Android 8.1 OS will come with the new and improved Cheeseburger Emoji where the cheese comes before the patty and not the other way round as envisioned by the designer of the emoji.

The first website to capture this fix was Emojipedia. The website is regarded by many as the Wikipedia of emojis. It features news, and is supposedly the home of all emojis under the sun. When you type in the search bar, Emojipedia gives you a list of options with an explanation for each, and, of course, the emoji itself including the Cheeseburger Emoji. It even shows how the emoji looks like in different platforms and cellphones like Samsung, LG, Apple, Nexus and others.

This cheeseburger conspiracy sparked quite an intense and extensive debate on social media over where the cheese should be placed in the Cheeseburger Emoji, both for Apple and Android’s emojis in the recent updates. Google’s Indian-born CEO, Sundar Pichai also joined the heated debate. This was when the tech giant served Android burgers to staff at the beginning of November in its Seattle office. The difference in the android burger and any other cheeseburger was that the cheese came after the patty, reminiscent of the actual emoji. The arrangement called for the patty to be placed first, followed by the cheese slice and then the lower bun to seal the deal.

This was, supposedly, the very step, which lead the designers and developers to reverse their design decision. The burger was an exact replica of the Android Cheeseburger emoji. This caused a heated controversy over the correct order of the ingredients in the quintessential American staple food item. The spark happened when Thomas Baekdal, writer and media analyst, tweeted about the positions of the patty and cheese in Android and Apple Cheeseburger emojis.

Sundar Pichai reacted to this immediately when he tweeted, promising to change the placement, thereby addressing the issue if a consensus was reached as to the correct placement. Samsung and Apple have a different placement for their Cheeseburger Emoji. As of now, Google seems to be on the right track with its lettuce, tomato cheese and patty configuration.

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