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OnePlus 5 To Get OnePlus 5T Like Face Unlock Feature After Android Oreo Update

The OnePlus 5, which was launched a couple of months ago, is currently running on Android’s 7.0 Nougat operating system. However, the phone is set to experience a much needed update as the company has promised to make the device compatible with the new Android Oreo version. The company has on multiple occasions confirmed users the release of Android Oreo to their loved OnePlus 5. It was at the coveted launch ceremony of the OnePlus 5T in New York, where the smartphone operators revealed a basic timeline that would be followed in implementing the Oreo update on their sets. The operators confirmed that the new software will be out on all OnePlus 5 sets by the end of December, whereas the new OnePlus 5T smartphone will get the operating system early next year.

As it has been experienced with Android updates in the past, the One Plus 5T will witness the introduction of several new features that would end up adding value to the phone itself. Not only would the update bring with it bug fixes and major improvements, but the users will also get to enjoy a OnePlus 5T like face unlock feature on their OnePlus 5.

While it should be pointed out that although OnePlus has refrained from releasing any official statements to address this issue as of yet, OnePlus 5 users who have received the beta version of the Android Oreo update have pointed out the upheaval in the face unlock features. Techdroider, a blogger who constantly reviews phones by OnePlus, initiated the flurry of reports that plagued social media. Based to these reports we can guess that the Oreo update brings a redesigned notification panel, PIP mode, face unlock features from the OnePlus 5T and an enhanced Gallery interface to the OnePlus 5.

It would be pertinent to add here that the face unlock features in the company’s newly launched OnePlus 5T are top notch and leave nothing to be desired. The “face unlock” feature works in a lightning fast way and delivers exceptional speed and feasibility to the users. The phone has such an enhanced face unlock setup that the phone will immediately unlock itself once you press the power switch and look towards the device. The feature is amazing and is said to be even better then the iPhone X Face ID.

If things roll out as they are expected to, OnePlus 5 users across India and the world will experience not only a fresh new interface, but will also witness an increase in quality of the face unlock feature in their phones.

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