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Word to PDF Converter for Android - AndroGuru App Reviews

PDF to Word Converter for Android

According to Statista, there were 3.3 million apps in the Google Play Store in September 2017. The second biggest app market  is the App Store that hosts over 2.2 million apps. This is an amazing number of apps available for our use.

The most popular ones are games, then business, education, lifestyle apps and last but not the least, productivity apps.

There is an app for every problem you might face in your life. Looking at millennials, we can see that they spend approximately 185 minutes daily on their smartphones and tablets and most of that time is dedicated to apps.

When you see all these numbers, you can see how people attention is switching more and more towards our mobile phones and apps that we are using. We all expect from our phones to get the job done with great results, as well.

In order for one app to stand out from a plethora of apps available in the stores, that app need to be one of the best in that category.

Such app is the one we have chosen to share with you. PDF to Word Converter is among best converter apps on the market that can convert any PDF file to an editable Word document. The developers of the app are from a Canadian software company, called Cometdocs, that has been developing PDF solutions for many years.

Why do we need PDF converters?

PDF documents are one of the most used file type in the world. It can contain any graphical element, symbol, tables, encoded buttons and text, as such you can create great looking content that is ready for professional use. Some PDFs can contain some sensitive data like bank accounts, invoices and other personal data. In order to keep them safe they can be password protected.

The only downside of PDF is that it can’t be edited with ease. The content of the document can’t be changed, making the data in the PDF read-only.

It is great when considering the security or copyrights of intellectual property, but when you are making simple changes like updating your PDF resume with new work experience, you need to write the document from the scratch. That would require much work, for some simple changes.

That is why, the third party services were developed specially for converting PDFs to a more suitable document type for editing, like a MS Word document.

There are many expensive software programs and online solutions that are more oriented to users that work on computers. But now, we have specially dedicated solutions for mobile users, as well.

What is PDF to Word Converter for Android ?

Word to PDF Converter for Android (1) - AndroGuru App Reviews

PDF to Word Converter app, as its name says, allows you to convert any PDF document into a Word document.

The app features are:

  • Limitless number of free conversions and the file size

With most apps, there is a limit either on a number of files available for conversion or size of the files that are available for conversion. This app can convert either one side pages or whole PDF books, all the same. Although, the conversion time might vary because of the PDF size.

  • Top-level converting engine

The biggest issue with converters is their ability to convert a file that will look 100% same as the original file.

This app can offer almost perfect conversions, only few formatting errors occurred like odd spacing or few more empty lines. But no bigger errors, unlike the other converters on the market.

  • Advanced OCR Technology that converts scanned PDFs

The use of OCR technology in this app enables character recognition from scanned documents that couldn’t be converted without it.

With that in mind, you don’t need to worry if your PDF is regular or a PDF that is scanned.

  • Connected with Google Drive, Onedrive, iCloud, Box and Dropbox

The greatest assets of using the cloud storages are that you can instantly access your files from anywhere. PDF to Word app is integrated with cloud services that enable you to convert files that aren’t stored on your phone.

You can access to your files in Google Drive, Onedrive, iCloud, Box and Dropbox within the app.

  • Conversion of complex PDFs with pictures and tables

The app can convert almost any file with all present elements. There are no limits on what PDF can convert. It’s possible to convert resumes, books, invoices or contracts.

How to convert PDF to Word Converter ?

The app has very intuitive and easy to use interface, enabling you to convert files in just a few taps.

The first step is to select the file for conversion.

Word to PDF Converter for Android (2) - AndroGuru App Reviews

You can choose the file from device memory or you can upload the file from cloud storages.

To upload the files from the Dropbox, for example, you need to sign up to your account and search for the file there.

The second step is to upload the file and wait for the conversion to finish.

Word to PDF Converter for Android (3) - AndroGuru App Reviews

The conversion itself is performed on Cometdocs conversion servers. This kind of conversion is used to avoid affecting the device’s performance and battery life at all.

The third and final step is when the conversion is done, you only have to edit your file further.

Word to PDF Converter for Android (4) - AndroGuru App Reviews

When the conversion is finished, the notification that file is ready for use arrives. You can just open it then in your MS Word app and further edit the file.

With all those apps out there it is always useful to know about some very useful apps that can make your jobs easier. PDF to Word Converter app is available to download from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Overcoming issues with PDFs has never been easier with this app.

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