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Garmin launches vivoactive 3 in India

Garmin in India has put an end to the wait by announcing the launch of vivoactive 3 in the country. The smartwatch that comes with an enabled GPS connection is designed in a seamless manner to keep track of a variety of activities using its preloaded package access for 15 applications.

Fitness freaks across the country have reacted positively to the news of the release and are anticipating getting their hands on this latest fitness accessory. The best part about the device is that it allows users the luxury to manage their swimming, running, strength training and cardio performance in real time. In addition to what we have already mentioned, the device is also a handful when it comes to measuring the yoga, elliptical, floor climbing, stair stepper, cardio and boxing workout performance.

Besides just keeping in track with their efforts related to the actual workout, users can benefit from the device by measuring their heart rates and assessing their stress levels. The assessments can be done, based on physical activity levels and all other changes taking place in their schedule.

The vivoactive 3 comes equipped with Garmin Pay. Garmin Pay works as a wallet of sorts, since it can initiate transactions through your smartphone.

“The launch of Vivoactive 3 is a short in the arm for (a variety) of fitness activity users. This is a single device accessible to do away with all your worries and to help you indulge in fitness like never before. Even the fitness wearable audience just got bigger and wider since Vivoactive 3 has the advanced capability to accommodate the diverse needs of a vast population.”

                                     Ali Rizvi, National Sales Manager for Garmin India

The Garmin vivoactive has been conveniently priced by Garmin to attract all customers within the market. Priced at an affordable Rs. 24,490, the vivoactive 3 comes in a range of three colors. The colors that you can get the product in are stainless black, stainless white and slate black. The distribution centers selected for the products distribution seem to be actively thought out as the device would be available in selected outlets or stores of Helios, Reliance Digital and Croma. Moreover, online users can also get their hands on the accessory by finding it online on Amazon and Flipkart.

Customers have mostly reacted on a positive note to the new Garmin vivoactive 3, but detailed reviews from consumers who have tried it on will come a month or so later. Let’s see whether users do prefer this over other smartwatches and fitness trackers.


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