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Google Assistant Supports Indian English and a Whole New Set of Other Languages

Google is working day and night to make its Google Assistant AI smarter than before. It recently announced a whole set of tools that will be accessible to developers. Among the measures taken by Google to do this is making the Google Assistant apps available in different Languages such as Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and yes, Indian English.

Don’t get too excited though; consumers won’t be able to benefit straight away from this. At least, not until developers offer the same support for their apps as well.

Google announced a new API for Google home. Using this, Google aims to send content directly to phones that have the Google Assistant. For example, you order Chinese takeout from your local Chinese restaurant from Google home by “speaking to it.” The speaker will directly send the receipt for your order for quick confirmation and completion.

Google Assistant is already pretty natural in having conversations with, but it will even be better once the “implicit discovery” feature is implemented on a wider scale. What’s this, you ask? This implicit discovery function will allow more natural commands to take the place of different apps being incorporated by name.

If you want to see the latest news, you won’t have to call out the app by name. You can just say, “OK Google, what’s the latest sports news?” and Google Assistant will run through available apps to come up with the best match for the news you want.

This simple change allows for a smoother conversation with your phone. Google is revamping the interface to allow the discovery of new apps compatible with its Google Assistant. You could check the weather or the latest global news before, as well as make new events for the calendar, but the functionality of these Google Assistant AI was limited. But the apps made using actions on Google Assistant will help to increase this smoothness and functionality. Furthermore, these apps are now coming to Canadian users.

Users over there may be able to use the Google Assistant for a number of new things. They’ll be able to find new apps with Google Assistant. If they find one of pertinent use, the voice command and implicit discovery function will help you connect to it without the use of the name of the app being mentioned in the command, as mentioned earlier. Also, there’s no need to download the apps for the Google assistant unlike that of your phone or tablet.

Once the developers speed things up and make new apps for the functionality in India, users here, too, will be able to shop by voice for Diwali or Holi on different apps, learn how to cook and learn the best workouts, all using the apps accessible by Google Assistant.

It’s only a matter of time before these apps are available in India, so stay tuned.

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