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The Amazon Alexa is here in India and allows you to set up the Amazon Echo device and keep up with tasks.

Amazon Alexa App allows you to do So Much with Better Planning

The Amazon Echo is a great device that is now available in India. You might have heard about it. The brilliant little device allows you to control what songs, podcasts and news you listen to with just your voice.

With the availability of voice controlled products that most of us love to import from abroad as well as make use of, including our android phones, voice activated watches, alarm clocks and others, it was only logical that the Amazon Echo was introduced along with Amazon Alexa.

That being said, the Amazon Alexa is finally available in India too. It’s available for both the Android and iOS platforms. This is happening ahead of the introduction of the Amazon Echo speakers in India as well.

You can now listen to your favorite songs, audio books and news, from the Amazon Echo, once you set it up easily using the voice commands on Amazon Alexa.

Music and podcasts apparently aren’t the only things that the Amazon Alexa app and Echo device are going to be useful for. The Amazon Alexa app allows new users to add new skills and change the settings quickly.

You can keep track of the previous requests you made. You can see what’s playing, and set up new routines for yourself. It’s basically an assistant at its core that will help you keep your life on track.

You have a list of groceries to pick up in the morning. Mrs. Mehta is coming over in the evening. Or there’s just a lot on your plate in general. No longer do you need to write it all out on a piece of paper to remind yourself. Just have the app go through the list and give you a reminder of the things you have to get done before it’s too late.

The partnership of local companies and brands with Amazon before the Echo was launched has allowed the creation of unique “skills” tailored for India.

Some of the brands that were partnered with were Ola, Saavn, Syska, Sportskeeda, Times of India as well as NDTV. Using these skills, you can keep up with the latest tech and sports news and new Bollywood songs.

Speaking of new songs, you can select songs from Amazon Music, TuneIn and Saavn. If you have an Echo device already, you can include local skills like weather and traffic for your locality.

You should do so at the time of setting up the Amazon Alexa app and Echo Speakers. You can even set it up in Indian English, but bear with the accent as it still needs some work.

Switch your residence to your address in India for a faster functionality. If want to use the Amazon Tap, which is still not introduced here, you will be able set it up with through an option in the Amazon Alexa app.

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