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Android will finally let you know about the apps draining your battery

One thing that all android enthusiasts like to do is to have a keen eye on their battery. With phones being focused on providing batteries that perform better, users would want to know the apps that are consuming the bulk of the power from their phone’s battery. Many users will say that they already possess these characteristics in their Android phones, since the fact of the matter is that some android skins, such as the one present in Galaxy S8, and external applications like Greenify do let you detect your battery levels and the amount of battery each application is draining currently. However, with the release of Android Oreo, this feature will become a common standard on Google’s mobile Operating System.

Users have really shown their interests in getting to know about this update and have expressed their delight at how they won’t require external applications to manage this simple task anymore. The much hyped Android update 8.1 Oreo, will come with a new and improved section for batter settings in the overall phone settings. The additional settings implemented for the battery section will point out all applications draining excessive battery with a red warning icon. The new battery monitor will provide you with useful information regarding the applications that are using up most of the battery in your phone. Additionally, the new settings will even provide you trustable information regarding the battery percentage your culprit application has sucked up and specific info into what is actually causing this rather uncalled for battery drain.

Since you would have immediate access to all the applications killing your battery, you can monitor your battery levels in a better, flawless manner. Once you are on the new setting page for Android 8.1, you would be able to kill an app or change its permissions to restrict it from drawing power like this in the future. However, if an app really isn’t stopping and keeps killing your battery, you would do better without it and can start looking for an alternative that provides the same thing minus the huge battery drainage.

One thing really surprising is how something so useful has not been part of the Android setup for so long. There is no ETA as to when this feature will roll out for the general public, but with its beta testing going on currently and the expectations that it will come alongside Android 8.1 update, we can expect to have this brilliant feature on our android sets within the near future.


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