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Twitter’s Tweetstorm Feature is showing up on Android Applications

While news related to the tweetstorm feature by Twitter picked up after a developer discovered it by chance during September this year, official news regarding its testing has come out now. Some android devices have already started seeing the necessary changes and have given insight into how much the changes can impact how the public views tweeting on Twitter.

Twitter has also affirmed that the tweetstorm feature is in the testing phase on some selected Android devices and they would make a detailed update once they reach consensus on this issue. Users who are unaware of this feature and are inquisitive about its usage would be glad to know that tweetstorm is a rather popular workaround to Twitter’s annoying and irritating character count limitations.

The limitations are just too much to handle for many and it is indeed a nourishing change to see that you can tweet whatever you want in one go. Just keep typing in this tweetstorm feature and once you are done with multiple tweets, press the “Tweet All” button to initiate the tweets. This would definitely save on the time it takes to maneuver around the tweet option and makes things easier to handle for all users looking for the perfect tweeting experience.

Twitter has communicated with certain media outlets that the version of the tweetstorm has been out for testing on both alpha and beta versions. The testing has been going on for more than a week, but is not yet available for use in the general public. Although, the hiatus in bringing this feature out may be a bit frustrating, the expansion of the tests does suggest that Twitter is indeed serious about bringing this new feature to the public.

The addition of tweetstorm in the Twitter experience raises prospects that are really exciting to imagine. People use Twitter for numerous objectives and reasons, and their tweeting experience is based on what they are expecting from the social media powerhouse. The addition of the tweetstorm feature will mean that not only would marketers be able to post blog like content and other marketing material, but the average twitter user would also be able to post personal stories and anecdotes in an enhanced method.

Twitter has realized concerns regarding its limited tweeting size per tweet and had increased the word count to 280 to accommodate all concerns. The increase in the word count did not fulfill user expectations as users are still looking for a way to post what they want without going through a hassle every time the word count exceeds 280 characters. Although, Twitter is looking for a way to tackle this demand, the tweetstorm might just be the solution to this problem.

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