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Duolingo adds free Chinese course to its Android app

Language learning service application Duolingo has been received with much awe and admiration in the Indian android market. The application came as a surprise for all interested learners in the Indian market, who were amazed with how the application offered so much, without charging any exuberant rates as part of the deal.

If you are a fan of language application Duolingo, prepare to be befuddled as the application now has a Chinese course on its platform. The new course program is available online on its Android application and promises a great experience to all users. Users of the application who have become accustomed to not having to pay anything for learning the courses would love to know that the Chinese course also comes with no additional payment plans. The course can be availed like any other, as it is entirely free and comes without any hidden paywalls.

Users will only have to pay for a subscription if they want the ads that come in between to be reduced. The reduced ads will mean that there will be no hindrances towards a seamless learning experience. Duolingo has shown through its fair policing that it is not interested in ripping off customers with inflated prices for using the application. Instead, users can avail all the beneficial courses without having to bid adieu to the green in their pockets. Previous comments from representatives associated with Duolingo made it clear that they wanted to keep pursuing their development strategy and would go forward with their current pricing strategy.

Getting back to the newly added Chinese course; the course is designed to teach users over 1,000 words from the Chinese language. Other than just learning some basic words, users will also get to know features about skills dedicated entirely to communicating in Internet slang and talking with native speakers about food, festivals and business communications. The course comes fully equipped with a new exercise that gives you a chance to practice your tone, which is extremely crucial for learning a language as complex as Chinese. The database of words, to be found on the application, have been taken from HSK, which is China’s standardized examination for finding out the level of an individual’s fluency in Chinese.

The arrival of the Chinese course precedes the arrival of a Japanese program made earlier in the year. The Chinese program seems to be the last addition for this year and is supposed to keep viewers hooked with information for the coming months. Besides the addition of an additional course, the new update in the application would also help address some minor bug fixes that had been impeding viewers from learning in a flawless manner.


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