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The Bebop Pro Thermal Gets the Free Flight App from Parrot

Parrot’s Bebop Pro Thermal is a quadcopter drone, which is helpful for many architects, construction workers, and real estate agents since it allows them to do inspections using the 2 embedded cameras in the drone itself. It weighs just above half a kilogram (604g) and has a 14-megapixel camera capable of capturing “hi-res” photos and full HD videos in 1080p resolution, and can fly for up to 25 minutes. It’s aimed to be a solution that will help people design better blueprints for new buildings and such, as well as capture thermal images of the roofs and buildings effectively and easily. This could prove to be a very thoughtful tool to engineers and architects who wish to have a quick overview of where potential losses of heat are happening in a building to pinpoint the exact location and speed up the process of repairs.

Individuals in India who are big on the whole drone culture can capture breathtaking images from this device at a height.

There’s great news for people willing to buy the Parrot Bebop Pro Thermal. It now comes with a great accompanying app by the name of Free Flight Thermal App that they have just released. Although Parrot’s specialty doesn’t lie in the “drones” category, they are still doing a pretty good job at it. The Free Flight Thermal app allows people to be able to livestream and record both visual and thermal signatures (for engineers, architects and such) on the tablet or smartphone that has the Free Flight App installed. You simply have to connect the Tablet or smartphone to the Bebop Pro Thermal Skycontroller 2 and voila, you have set it up.

The drone itself has the FLIR One Pro camera, which is a powerful device that allows thermal imaging unparalleled for its price range. Free Flight does everything imaginable that you might think a drone’s app would do. Live streaming and recordings are just one aspect where you can view the thermal and real time images live from ground level while the drone is up in the air.

Recording of these live images happens in 1080p 30 so you can view them in crystal clear quality at a later point in time. The switching between visible and thermal happens at the click of a button for extra convenience. There are even different thermal palettes for you to choose from for the Bebop Pro Thermal quadcopter’s app, Free Flight Thermal. You can use a standard, dynamic or hotspot color palette depending on your usage for the drone. Professional pictures can also be snapped and save in high quality formats such as RAW and DNG.

If you have a Bebop Pro Thermal or are thinking of buying it, the app is available on Android and compatible with this drone only at the moment. Tablets offer a better scale of view than smartphones so Parrot is recommending the app for use specifically with a tablet.

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