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The Facebook Events app is being renamed and re-launched as Facebook “Local” to make it easier for friends to plan out their weekends.

Facebook Events is now converted to Facebook Local

Ah yes, the website we’re all too familiar with. Facebook lets us keep up with our friends and let them know how we’re feeling.

You can let people know where you’re going and make plans with them to meet up.

You can express yourself through pictures and videos and even follow different celebrities and pages of your interest. Facebook is also viewed as a tool that allows businesses to engage with potential customers from their target audience.

There’s a Facebook Events app that allows locals to share information about the goings on around town. But there’s so much more to it than just that.

That One Friend…

We all have that one friend who enthusiastically makes a messenger group on Facebook to decide where the guys must go for the weekend.

They manually suggest suitable places such as cinemas through snapshots of show times etc. but nothing ever becomes of it. The Facebook local app is designed, keeping that one friend’s needs for social gatherings in mind.

Rebranding the Facebook Events App to Facebook Local

The Facebook Events app in India is being rebranded as Facebook local and it’ll be available soon for Android and iOS in India. The app was released in the US on Friday.

No longer do you need to search long hours to find the best nightclubs and bars in your area and no need to turn to websites such as Yelp when you have this handy dandy app helping you out.

The Facebook Local app now combines different events with real places on your map so you never miss out on an opportunity to enjoy a night out.

This powerful search engine under the Facebook Banner will use the numerous business pages available and live on Facebook along with reviews and peer check-ins to offer Facebook users the ultimate discovery app.

The App helps one to find numerous opportunities to do things, find new places to go, food spots, or something to buy. And the best part is that, it’s real people whom you may know in real life (if your friends have been there) that are giving you the recommendations.

We all know Snapchat’s own version to discover where people were and what they were doing in real time in the Snap Map. You just do that by pinching your fingers on the main camera screen, and zoom out to see the map and where your friends are (and what they’re doing).

Two features that may be tested for the Facebook local app are the red envelope and breaking news.

The red envelope will allow people to send money to their friends using the app and the breaking news tag which publishers may use for telling people what events are going on nearby.

The Facebook Local app will match calendar and event lists much the way as popular recommendation apps like Yelp and Foursquare, which means that these websites and their mobile apps may see a tough time in the future.

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