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Skype gets new effects for photos on it's Android app on the Google Play Store which should be updated by users to experience.

Skype jumps aboard the Smart Photo Effects wagon

One of the pioneers of free face to face communication by video, Skype is an irreplaceable tool that has made lives easier for businesses and individuals alike.

From interviews to keeping in touch with family back home, Skype has made it easier have virtual face to face contact with people. Skype sure does keep the world talking, for free.

It allows you to reach out people who are half way across the world, whether they’re clients or family.

You can make plans with a family member coming over to visit. It is even possible to video call people in groups so that you can communicate with them face to face.

Skype has tons of features, including messaging for free as well.

Why Add Adding Smart Photo Effects

In their bid to keep up with other social media networks, Skype has recently added smart photo effects for their mobile android app. Their main goal for doing this is to provide tons of users a more personalized messaging experience.

Users can easily customize their photos and other multimedia before sending them over to their friends via the Skype mobile app for Android. Everything from weird and quirky faces and smart captions for the images as well as highlights.

Using These Smart Effects

Just take your photo and then tap the icon shaped like a magic wand on the top of the Skype interface. There are loads of effects to apply on your pictures and highlights. For those of you who don’t know what highlights are, they’re posts of recent trips and activities that you did.

More options for the effects can be accessed through swiping right on the photos. You can get suitable captions and weather info, location, face stickers and swaps and much more. They’re updated daily.

What’s the Tech Behind the New Set of Photo Features?

That’s no big deal right? Why call them smart. That’s because they’re offered to the user on the basis of the content your sharing within your picture. The smart effects are offered using a computer vision service made by Bing that similar to Snapchat’s service. The service is called Sprinkles by Microsoft.

It collects input from the images and adds different elements to the photos keeping different factors in mind. It identifies the objects in a picture and makes the content more personalized using the wide array of stickers, captions and such to give you the end picture that can be made from Skype’s mobile app for android.

This is the latest addition to the Skype 8.3 build which was first rolled out in August. Because of this build, you can record chats, select different themes and more. Though Skype is not as prevalent now, they’re slowly but surely getting there.

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