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Snapchat is getting a makeover really soon says Evan Spiegel since it has been a long time and users are waiting to see something different.

Snapchat going to get a serious makeover really soon

Snapchat is one app on Android that you, as a millennial, have to be living under a rock not to have used or downloaded. If you belong to the generation X and baby boomers, you can be excused if you don’t know.

Yes, it’s the one app where you can add your friends, make new ones and share your photos with them. It’s considered by many to have started quirky filters and yes, the legendary snap stories that we all love (and sometimes hate).

It even allows you to send cash to your contacts, and has a map that allows you to know where your friends are at a given moment in time (real time) as well as posting original content.

What Is Snapchat?

The name Snapchat itself says something about what the app does. It sends messages and pictures to people that disappear after people see them or in 24 hours. Thank God they introduced the save conversation option otherwise there’d be no way to tell what the conversation was about if the other person replied after a week.

The Debate on Snapchat

There has been quite a debate on its use because of the obvious reason that Snapchat was and still is being used by some to send nude photographs across the internet because some people knew and took advantage of the fact that these photos will disappear anyway (not anymore, though).

But that’s beside the point of this article. There’s another debate that people have an issue with; it’s that Snapchat has been more biased towards the iOS, in terms of picture quality and the roll out of features.

But There’s Good News

That doesn’t deter people from downloading it and using it nonetheless. There is some good for those using the popular app on their Android devices. It’s about to get a makeover really soon.

There are rumors that this will mean newer features and better quality photographs for users. Yes! This is what all of us wanted. Not that the number of filters and the AR hot-dog figure wasn’t cool and all, but you know what we mean.

The app is after all made with the millennials in mind, but still some find it difficult to use because of its poor user experience for Android.

However, those with iPhones seem to navigate through it pretty flawlessly. The makeover/redesign for the app is finally being worked on by the developers.

Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snap Inc. (the ones who created Snapchat) had one of their latest earning calls for the company, in which they discussed the financial results for the quarter.

In the midst of the earnings call (conference call), Spiegel announced that the company was working on a redesigning the app. He said that there were complaints from people that it was difficult to use and that’s where the redesign is coming into play.

He said that the redesign would be “disruptive” for the company in the short run but that’s a risk they’re willing to take.

This is long overdue and the ETA is not announced, but it’s good to know that the people at Snap Inc. are hearing us out and taking action.

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