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Our app of the day allows you to browse photos privately while keeping nosy friends out when you handover the phone to them to see a photo.

Secure Photo Viewer keeps your friends at bay

Imagine this. You’re out with friends and you have a pretty cool picture to show to your friends. You excitedly hand your phone to your friend who not only watches the video present on your camera roll but “accidentally” browses through all your pictures, some of which you may not have wanted them to see, if you know what I mean.

This camera roll fiasco could have been prevented if you would have had our app of the day installed.

A phone is your sanctuary as you have many private details stored on there. You may have some embarrassing moments, private screen caps and some videos that are not safe for work, which you don’t want others to view, on your camera roll.

There’s a reason that passwords are there on your phone. Thankfully, your privacy can remain intact because there’s a solution for this on android: an app called Secure Photo Viewer.

Secure Photo Viewer

We’re talking about Secure Photo Viewer, an app now available on android that protects your camera roll like nobody’s business.

It effortlessly locks the phone to a specific photo or group of photos so that you can have the confidence to hand over your phone to your friend.

This new found confidence is because you’ll be certain they’ll not go snooping around inside your camera roll, getting into stuff they don’t want you to see.

How Does One Use This App?

It’s really intuitive and easy to use. All you have to do is to make sure that you have a safe login set up for your sanctuary (i.e. your phone). With the myriad of phones that have more secure options than a simple passcode, password, lock screen pattern, or what have you, that shouldn’t be much of a problem.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy, you may well have a fingerprint scanner. That should do nicely.

When you have that going, set it up by following the instructions when you click on the app icon, once it’s done installing. Now you have a weapon in your privacy arsenal. The next time you need to show a picture or a set of pictures to your friends, you’ll be ready. Open your camera roll or default photos application and select the whole lot of those images. Once that’s done, click the share icon.

Now you’ll get a list of options like blue tooth, messages and social media sites such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. But you’ll also get another option.

That’s the Secure Photo Viewer. Tap on that icon to share them and then click the power/lock button on your phone.

Once this is done, the images that you handpicked, will appear and until you unlock the device, that’s all your friends will look at until you unlock your phone.

You may need to explain them why you did this, however, because they’ll know somethings up or if you have trust issues regarding them.

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