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What’s SQL in the Android App Development ecosystem is important to know for Android developers around the world using the language.

SQL and its relevance to Android App Development

If you’re familiar with development at any level, you’d know what SQL means. For those of you who don’t, it means “Structured Query Language” and is the name given to the language for storing and recovering data in a database.

You probably would have heard about SQL when you heard something relating to Oracle, Sqlite, SQL server, MySQL and so on.

These are not programming languages on their own. These are types of databases that use SQL.

The Syntax for each is different, but SQL itself is very important and must be learnt if you’re interested in Android development. It is the language used in developing a wide array of applications, including Android apps.

MySQL, SQLite and Their Use

SQLite uses SQL to permanently store data for mobile applications, whereas MySQL is on servers that uses SQL for web apps. It organizes data in a more logical manner and can be easily accessed if you know the commands involved. That data is then used to develop the apps themselves.

Different algorithms can be applied across large sets of data and the information collected from users through opt ins or otherwise can even be monetized.

There are other ways in which you could potentially use this, but they won’t be as easy to use as the SQL and that’s why it has succeeded Codasyl to become the industry standard.

Uses of SQL

SQL isn’t quite as complex as Java. It’s closer to a spreadsheet concept and even to html. You input data into a table and extract relevant data by applying different filters to it.

There is a list of tables like the ones you see in Excel  called a relational database. Data is arranged into rows and columns. And now different operations (filters) can be applied to it. SQL database may store a list of customers with their details like name, number, sex (gender) and age.

You can use that name to extract a particular number and use that name to call up a particular individual to persuade them to buy a product of yours, for example.

For an Android game, you could use SQLite and store player data including their high scores. You can even use an SQL server to collect the data of users’ shopping preferences from many apps and sell that data, thereby monetizing it.

Useful Commands

There are many straightforward command statements that you can use to make your SQL database actionable for Android app development. Some of them are “CREATE TABLE”, “INSERT”, “DELETE”, “UPDATE” and “SELECT.”

Create Table will be used to create the database that you want to use for Android app development. Insert into will be used to add to the different fields for the SQL database which could be users’ age, gender, contact numbers or even their email addresses.

Delete is for when you need to delete information from the SQL database entirely, maybe because the user is not on your app anymore.

Update is for the times that you need to update a new cellphone number, but don’t want to add the whole record anew. Select is to retrieve a specific group of users’ details from the SQL server database.

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