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Navigation just became a whole lot more appealing with the new Google App beta in Android Oreo

Navigation just got re-imagined for Android Oreo

The Android Oreo is the latest in operating system for next-gen Android devices. It’s a lot faster and easier that the previous versions.

You can very easily get started with browsing through your Android phone, searching the web through the Google App, playing games, starting up other apps, and much more.

Even booting up smartphones sporting the latest in the Android operating systems is much faster. If you have Google Pixel, the boot up time is two times faster than if you were running previous operating systems.

The Android system loses the background apps and activity which you don’t use much. This allows the apps that you do use to run faster and just all around smoother than the previous systems.

It minimizes the usage of the apps you don’t use more so that you truly unleash the power of your smartphone for real. You can’t see it but it is still there. Android Oreo takes things to the next level in terms of multitasking.

You can use 2 apps at the same time. This means that while you’re on Facebook, you can browse through the web easily through the Google app, or face time someone while searching for something using the Google app.

But What About Navigation

Yes! Navigation! For those people who are lucky enough to have devices that are running the Oreo right now, there’s great news! The Google (Beta) app has a light colored navigation bar, just like the web app has.

They’re getting closer. The web and mobile app that is. Before this, people would have noticed that there was a darker theme in place in previous version for Google navigation bar One of the reasons cited for this light theme adoption is burn-in.

What’s Burn-In?

This is when a display suffers from “permanent discoloration” on any part of its panel, and this is more common for LED’s instead of LCDs because of their construction. Burn-in may take the shape of an outline of text or image, with fading colors or similar patterns or patches different from others.

This particularly occurs in Navigation buttons on the notification bar. Since most phones are now LED, this is a problem that needs to be taken care of.

How Android Oreo Is Possibly Solving The Burn-In Problem?

There is generally a lighter theme for the Android 8.1. The Google app is not the first thing that has been changed to a lighter color in this version of the Android OS, the overarching theme itself was white for the Oreo.

The concept of Burn-in makes it clearer. White is generally easier on the eyes. The Google App is the first of the Google-related apps like Gmail and Google Play that came with the (lighter theme) change and users pointed out that they now see a white navigation bar in their apps as well.

Developers are also coming up with other ways to deal with Burn-in such as the introduction of a dimming effect for buttons.

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